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It’s no secret that tech giants have exploded in value over the past few years, but the scale can be difficult to grasp.

Through large-scale market penetration, intelligent diversification and the transformation of products into services, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Google have achieved much higher market capitalizations $ 1.5 trillion.

To help us better understand these staggering numbers, a recent study by Mackeeper took the market capitalization of several tech giants and compared it to countries’ annual gross domestic product (GDP).

Editor’s Note: While these numbers are interesting to compare, it should be noted that they represent different things. Market capitalization is the total value of shares outstanding in a publicly traded company and gives an indication of the total valuation, and GDP measures the value of all the goods and services produced by a country in an entire year. .

Business versus country: tech giants

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If Apple’s market cap equaled a country’s annual GDP, it might just be in the G7.

With a market capitalization of over 2,100 billion dollars, Apple’s market capitalization is over 96% of the country’s GDP, a list that includes Italy, Brazil, Canada and Russia.

In fact, only seven countries in the world have a GDP greater than Apple’s market capitalization.

Tech giants Microsoft country GDP

Further away is Microsoft, which would be the 10th richest country in the world if market capitalization were equal to GDP.

With a market capitalization of over $ 1.9 trillion, Microsoft’s value is greater than the GDP of the world powers of Brazil, Canada, Russia and South Korea.

Tech Giants Country GDP Amazon

While all of the tech giants have performed well during the COVID-19 pandemic, perhaps none have benefited as much as Amazon.

With both online retail and web services in high demand, Amazon’s market capitalization has increased to $ 1.7 trillion, greater than 92% of the country’s GDP.

Other companies “bigger” than the countries

Tech giants aren’t the only companies giving countries a run for their money.

Country / Company Nominal GDP (country) or market capitalization (company)
united states of america $ 21,433 billion
China $ 14,343 billion
Japan $ 5,082 billion
Germany $ 3,861 billion
India $ 2,869 billion
UK $ 2,829 billion
France $ 2,716 billion
Apple $ 2,125 billion
Italy $ 2,004 billion
Microsoft $ 1,942 billion
Saudi Aramco $ 1,888 billion
Brazil $ 1,840 billion
Canada $ 1,736 billion
Russia $ 1,700 billion
Amazon $ 1,688 billion
Alphabet $ 1,656 billion
South Korea $ 1,647 billion
Australia $ 1,397 billion
Spain $ 1,393 billion
Mexico $ 1,269 billion
Indonesia $ 1,119 billion
Facebook $ 939 billion
Netherlands $ 907 billion
Saudi Arabia $ 793 billion
turkey $ 761 billion
Tencent $ 736 billion
Switzerland $ 703 billion
Poland $ 596 billion

Market capitalization data as of June 13, 2021

Saudi Arabia’s state-owned company Saudi Aramco is also on the list, with a market capitalization more than double the GDP of its home country.

Chinese tech giant Tencent also has a market capitalization that exceeds the GDPs of many countries, such as Switzerland or Poland.

Until recently, Tencent was also ahead of its fellow tech giant Facebook in terms of market capitalization, but the social network has taken the lead and has almost reached $ 1 trillion in market capitalization.

Tech giants Facebook country's GDP

Of course, the biggest caveat to consider with these comparisons is the difference between the market cap and GDP numbers.

A company’s market capitalization is a proxy for its net worth in the eyes of the public markets and changes constantly, while GDP measures a country’s economic output in any given year.

But businesses directly and indirectly affect the economies of countries around the world. With the international reach, the accumulation of wealth and the impact, it is important to consider the wealth and power of these companies.

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