A Catholic Crafts Organization Awarded by the Government of Bangladesh

CORR-The Jute Works, a trusted organization of Caritas Bangladesh, received the President’s Industrial Development Award in the cottage industries category.

Nineteen companies were honored in six categories on November 4 in recognition of their contributions to the private sector, job creation and the economy.

CORR-The Jute Works, which also won the award in 2017, makes handicrafts including campaign bags, shopping bags, pet baskets, umbrella stands, boxes, greeting cards, candles, Christmas trees, garden accessories, photo frames, home decor, kitchenware, musical instruments, slippers and toys, exporting products to more than 50 countries.

“We make a lot of products using the jute, soil, various grasses and plastic that people throw away. As far as I know 7,000 families are currently making money making these products and at least 500,000 people have been involved and have benefited from this organization since 1973, ”said Milton Ratna, Head of Development and Information , at UCA News.

This organization was established in 1973 after the Bangladesh Liberation War, when many women lost their husbands and needed to work for their financial development and rehabilitation.

“We are working towards our goal and this honor will further accelerate the speed of our work. We are moving forward with a focus on the climate and coastal vulnerable area, the indigenous area and the areas where girls are trafficked, ”Ratna said.

The development of agriculture as well as the industrial sector is undeniable for the overall economic development of the country.

Rebeca Goyal, 36, from Baradal in the coastal district of Satkhira in southern Bangladesh, has worked with CORR for six years.

“I make key chains, dolls and jute rugs. My husband works as a night watchman and earns 5,000 taka (US $ 58) per month and I get an average of 4,000 taka per month. With that, the education of my two children and our family continues, ”Goyal told UCA News.

“A total of 37 people work in my group. But we don’t have a job every month. It would be nice for us if we could get more work done all the time.

Bangladesh President Abdul Hamid addressed the Dhaka awards ceremony in a recorded video message.

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“The development of agriculture as well as the industrial sector is undeniable for the overall economic development of the country,” he said.

“Due to the qualitative development and change in the industrial sector, the contribution of the industrial sector to the gross domestic product is gradually increasing. The work and skills of workers are essential to increase productivity. That is why friendly relations between owner and worker are very important. I hope that entrepreneurs will take initiatives to ensure the well-being of workers.

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