Arrive Logistics Unveils New Technology Brand ARRIVEnow

Texas-based third-party logistics company Arrive Logistics has launched its own proprietary transportation management system that serves its employees and transportation partners through a single platform.

ARRIVEnow is the company’s new cloud-based native technology platform that offers a suite of digital solutions, including ARRIVEnow Carrier and ARRIVEnow Shipper.

With the ARRIVEnow Carrier freight management portal, currently accessible by over 50,000 carriers, carriers can search, bid and book loads instantly with a mobile device or desktop browser. ARRIVEnow Shipper, which provides instant pricing to over 500 shippers through integrations, will be available through the web portal in early 2023.

Arrive’s vice president of operator strategy Blair Blake said the company has been working to build its operator portal over the past two years, brainstorming with its operator network what issues need to be addressed. .

“Listening to our carriers talk about how long it takes them to source, find and book a load has been an incredible pain for them. So, being able to create a platform where they can step in and make decisions on their own or contact us through the communication tools we have within ARRIVEnow Carrier that allow them to communicate with us at Arrive from their own leader. This is just one specific example of how we really established ARRIVEnow and were able to build it around the needs of our carriers,” Blake said.

The carrier portal has an immediate booking function with the ability to interact based on a carrier’s preferred route. It also has an offer creation system where Arrive employees can negotiate a deal that suits both parties. In addition, the portal offers committed tenders that allow a carrier to commit to a contractual path and a specific tariff, allowing it to systematically reposition its equipment in the main markets.

“In addition to this, Arrive’s machine learning-based matching algorithm ensures that the correct carrier is matched and connected to a viable load or lane based on its operational needs,” Blake said. “I think that’s key to calling there because we’ve really been able to reduce undead. That’s quantified against the industry average (around 17%), and we’re significantly below that (8%) from a data perspective. As a result, ARRIVEnow has saved 90 million kilograms of CO2 this year through this reduction in deadheads, which has helped sustainability within the supply chain network… When you talk about dead heads, in general, it’s going to quantify with cost savings for (carriers).”

Blake said Arrive’s 24/7 customer support is another cost-saving factor as it improves carrier productivity.

Based on feedback from carriers, he said another issue for carriers was shipping delays and how to handle those situations. Often a carrier arrives at a shipper’s facility at night and the freight is not ready. Blake said Arrive provides access and an option for the carrier to log into the carrier’s portal and make booking decisions themselves without waiting for the next morning with a backup of Arrive’s 24-hour support if necessary.

“So if they’re at home, if they’re at their son’s or daughter’s sporting event, and as a dispatcher, they have to make a quick decision, without picking up the phone, they can connect , they can make a decision on their own,” Blake said. “It really brings productivity gains.”

And each upload contains data that drives productivity, reducing Arrive’s cost per transaction and driving more volume across its platforms.

“We believe the best solutions are data-driven, technology-powered, and people-delivered,” Arrive Chief Technology Officer Michael Senftleber said in a press release. “In 2022, Arrive will use all three resources to manage more than $2.4 billion in logistics transactions. 90% of all freight moving through our system includes some significant form of automation, and 60% of those shipments come directly from digital integration with our shippers. ARRIVEnow Carrier accounts for over 30% of all booking transactions and is expected to reach 50% by the end of 2023.”

By 2023, ARRIVEnow Carrier will deliver more than 5,000 full truckload transactional shipments daily to its carrier network.

Arrive is also planning additional investments in building the carrier portal based on carrier feedback. Throughout the fourth quarter and into 2023, Blake said Arrive will implement the development of a document upload feature to provide carriers with a more transparent and efficient way to submit their documents.

Over the next three years, Arrive will invest more than $120 million in the development of ARRIVEnow software, led by a growing team of more than 250 engineers, data scientists and product management professionals. Arrive said it will hire more than 3,000 team members across sales, customer success and business operations through 2025 to complement this investment and drive additional growth.

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