BankersHub launches real-time payments training program

MADISON, Wis., Aug. 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Wisconsin-based Bstuff LLC, parent company of BankersHub, BankerCollege and InfusedBanking, announces the launch of its latest on-demand training, “Real-Time Payments Specialist Certification” for banks, credit unions and payment professionals. Developed in collaboration with “The Payments Professor” Kevin Olsen, Sr Vice President – Vsoft Corp, this new two-year certification covers the comprehensive training needs associated with real-time payments, as well as The Clearing House’s RTP® network and the very planned FedNow network is expected to launch in 2023.

Real-time payments represent an acceleration of payment processing on a digital infrastructure that results in instant settlement. This is much faster than traditional payment processing and significantly faster than NACHA’s same-day ACH settlement. “The world of faster payments is set to change the world of electronic banking and will directly affect financial institutions, operations and even treasury staff within businesses large and small,” says Olsen. “It’s critical that all financial institutions and payment providers know how real-time payments will impact your processes and find ways to prepare for the future of faster payments.”

This accelerated platform offers several advantages over the way payments are traditionally processed. Real-time payments provide immediate confirmation of receipt of payment; timely management of bill payment submissions; faster liquidity monitoring; and better access to payment data for tracking remittances and cash. “Moving from cut-off times for files that are processed in batches to an always-on, one-at-a-time, only credit push system changes the way we plan to fund accounts and reconcile,” adds Olsen. “However, compliance is always a concern when it comes to payment processing and financial service providers need to train their staff on real-time payment rules, regulations, auditing requirements and settlement changes.”

To prepare staff for the future, BankersHub’s Real-Time Payments Specialist certification is divided into three levels to meet training requirements, from new hires to the most seasoned professionals. “Since its initial launch this summer, we’ve already seen professionals from across the financial services spectrum register and become certified for this in-depth training delivered by The Payments Professor,” adds BankersHub co-founder Erin O’ Donnell. “We’re also seeing increased interest in real-time payments training outside of the payments industry, particularly cannabis-related businesses looking for alternatives to manage sales without relying solely on cash.”

For more information on this essential certification program, as well as other online training programs, including the first professional banking certification in cannabis banking, visit BankerCollege Certifications today.

About BankersHub: For over a decade, BankersHub has offered over 400 annual webinars, on-demand certification training, and live streaming of events across many industries, including the financial services industry.

About The Payments Professor: For decades, Kevin Olsen has been involved in creating, designing, implementing, educating and advising on products for multiple platforms in the capture of deposits to distance, ACH and faster payments. To learn more about Kevin Olsen AAP APRP CHPC NCP, visit The Payments Professor.

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