B&M, Sainsburys, Asda and Next – The Best Matching Pajamas You Can Buy For The Whole Family

We’re only weeks away from Halloween, and you know what that means: the clocks are rolling back, dark nights are coming and it’s time to pull out your matching pajamas.

One of the cutest (and maybe the most cheesy) things you can do this holiday season is proudly wear your matching pajamas, snuggle up for movie night with a cup of cocoa, the heater and a beautiful lit candle.

And with 2021 being another difficult year for many, who can blame us for preparing early for the holiday season?

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So we researched in advance the best matching Christmas pajamas.

Some are more expensive (if we plan to wear them seven days a week for three months, they’re probably worth it) while others are cheap and very, very cheerful.

Here is what we found:


Personalized children’s pajamas are priced at £ 25 while matching adult sets are priced at £ 34 at Next

These upcoming custom pajamas are available in baby, toddler and adult sizes and are priced at £ 25.

Sure, that’s a lot if you get them for everyone in your house, but as we mentioned earlier, we plan to get our money’s worth this year.

The pajamas say “MUMMY / DADDY BELIEVES” with options to enter your name to perfectly suit your needs.

There are other family pajama options at Next as well, with cute red plaid patterns for a more subtle party vibe between £ 10-38.


Last year, Primark made matching Disney pajamas, although we haven’t seen the 2021 offer yet.

We haven’t seen Primark’s matching family pajamas yet this year, but if we look back on last year, they’re going to be fantastic.

Last Christmas the store released Disney pajamas, with something for the whole family starting at just £ 6.50 – a fraction of the cost of competitors.

Hopefully this year’s offer is just as cute. Expect to see them in November, judging by the 2020 schedules.

Hopefully we’ll see them sooner.


Matalan’s Christmas pajamas cost £ 14

The matching Matalan pajamas are not yet in stock, but they are labeled “coming soon” which is lucky because they are so cute.

The checkered bottom is black and white while the top of the ‘mummy’ set features a mother penguin with her fluffy chick. Adorable.

Better yet is the price – the full set is £ 14. So much more money to spend on marshmallows for that hot chocolate.

Mark & ​​Spencer

M&S matching pajamas feature Christmas pets

Marks and Spencer pajamas are often a bit more expensive, but the quality makes up for it. Their pajamas are fluffy and wash well.

This year there are a few options for the whole family, but these Santa Paws models have dogs and cats so are the best of the bunch in our opinion!

Priced at £ 11 to £ 19.50, they won’t break the bank. The long sleeves and elasticated waist keep you very cozy and comfortable.

M&S is also offering matching Percy Pig family pajamas this year – how cute!


Sainsbury’s matching pajamas are subtle

Sainsbury’s has a few options for matching family pajamas, but this simple black top and red check bottom set is simple and can be worn all year round.

The adult set costs £ 16, while the price for children is between £ 8 and £ 11.

Part of the fun of wearing matching pajamas with your team is having your names or cute slogans on the front, so this is a set for the more subtle families.


Super Mario pajamas are ideal for competitive families who play together

Asda promises more family pajamas stock before winter, but the ones they’ve listed right now are pretty cool, especially this set.

Super Mario jammies feature everyone’s favorite plumber or another Nintendo character of your choice.

There’s Luigi, Daisy, Donkey Kong, Bowser, Peach, and Yoshi to choose from, as well as Mario himself.

They are £ 9 for children and £ 14 for adults.

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B&M Candy Stripe Pajamas Are Great Value

Penguins, antlers and your family’s Christmas expressions of appreciation are on the beautiful PJ list at B&M.

You can choose from a few different designs, but this LOVE LOVE LOVE CHRISTMAS set is extremely Christmas!

Candy cane striped sleeves and bottoms are just too cute to leave out.

They are £ 4 for children and £ 8 or 9 for adults!

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