CAP-XX appoints Kessler Batteries as supercapacitor distributor for the Americas

Kessler selected for design synergy between CAP-XX supercaps and Kessler 3V button cell batteries for industrial electronics

Kessler chosen for large sales organization spanning the Americas and design synergy between Kessler supercaps and button cells for industrial electronics

CAP-XX Limited (LSE: CPX)

We are expanding our coverage and distribution in the US market and Kessler has provided the added value we needed. Our products complement each other to supply devices in similar markets.

– Jeff Colton, Executive Vice President and General Manager of CAP-XX Americas

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, October 1, 2021 / – CAP-XX Limited (LSE: CPX), the leading manufacturer of ultra-thin prismatic and high power cylindrical supercapacitors, today appointed Kessler Batteries, a leading distributor of 3V lithium button cell batteries for industrial electronic devices, as the full range CAP-XX distributor for the Americas. Engineers often use supercapacitors to provide burst power for high power functions such as data capture and transmission. With supercapacitors supporting batteries in this peak power role, engineers can both optimize battery life and minimize battery size in space-limited electronics. CAP-XX chose Kessler Batteries for this design synergy between its supercaps and 3V lithium button cells, and for Kessler’s large sales organization spanning the Americas comprised of experienced application engineers able to provide in-depth subject matter expertise. Design.

In addition to primary and rechargeable 3V lithium button cells, Kessler batteries work with several battery chemistries, including lithium polymer, silver oxide and alkaline. These types of batteries work with CAP-XX supercapacitors to power a variety of applications including asset tracking, automotive, IoT, medical devices, security, sensors, smart meters, and portable devices.

“Since 1979, Kessler has sold hundreds of millions of batteries,” said Sharon Rossi, director of Kessler’s industrial sales organization. “We are excited to partner with CAP-XX and bring supercapacitors to more industrial electronics designs across the Americas. “

“We are expanding our coverage and distribution in the US market and Kessler has provided the added value we needed,” said Jeff Colton, executive vice president and general manager of CAP-XX Americas. “Our products already complement each other to power devices in similar markets, and Kessler provides extensive and experienced sales and logistics support across the Americas. “

About CAP-XX
CAP-XX (LSE: CPX) is a world leader in the design and manufacture of ultra-thin, compact, prismatic cylindrical supercapacitors. Its prismatic supercapacitors are made in Australia and Malaysia and its cylindrical supercapacitors are made in China. The company’s strong intellectual property (IP) portfolio includes 21 patents worldwide. CAP-XX’s ultra-thin prismatic supercapacitors are ideal for space-constrained electronics applications where small size and thickness of energy storage devices are important. The unique feature of the CAP-XX supercapacitors is their very high power density and high energy storage capacity in compact slim and cylindrical prismatic packages with a small footprint. For more information on CAP-XX, visit or send an email to [email protected]

About Kessler batteries
For over half a century, Kessler Batteries has worked with leading battery factories such as Sony / Murata, Panasonic and Grepow, supporting sales to a prestigious list of customers that reads like the ‘who’s-who’ watchmaking and electronics industries. Kessler works with sales representatives and independent distributors spanning the Americas, supporting and identifying target applications, marketing and sales activities, logistics and just-in-time inventory. For more information visit or send an email to [email protected]

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