CQG announces additional connectivity to Chinese derivatives markets via Esunny

Initiative further supports Hong Kong and Singapore futures firms by facilitating trade China

CHICAGO and HONG KONG, October 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CQG, a leading global provider of high-performance technology solutions for traders, brokers, trade hedges and exchanges, today announced that it is providing additional connectivity to China commodity exchanges through Esunny International (HK) Co., Limited (Esunny), China’s leading provider of trading platforms and a wholly owned subsidiary of Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange.


The pre-existing integration of CQG into China together with Shanghai Futures Information Technology Co., Ltd, the wholly owned subsidiary of Shanghai Futures Exchange which operates the traditional counter system (CTP), has long been one of the main bridges that connect international market players with China commodity exchanges, and remains a trusted infrastructure relied upon by a wide range of foreign intermediaries (IOs) to facilitate trading activities in China national clearing brokers. To better serve a growing list of Participating Overseas Special Brokers (OSBPs), as well as meet the other requirements of futures brokerage and clearing firms, CQG has further enhanced its connectivity with China markets by integrating with Esunny. The initiative supports in particular business models operated by hong kong and Singapore futures commission merchants (FCM) focused on facilitating trades China.

Rick ChangGeneral Manager of CQG Greater China, said, “Esunny is one of the main pillars that China commodity market to function dynamically from a technological point of view, not only domestically but also with the international trading community. Esunny currently provides technology solutions and services to more than 120 domestic FCMs in China, more than 60 Hong Kong-based FCMs, and more than a dozen Southeast Asia-based FCMs, and is at the forefront- custody for years to facilitate cross-border business for mainland China and affiliate marketplaces. Esunny’s core mission is to enable more international participants to trade China markets aligns perfectly with CQG’s mission in China.

“With the new integration between CQG and Esunny, CQG broker partners around the world can now offer CQG’s various front-end products and API solutions to their trading clients who wish to participate in China commodity markets, while transactions can be transmitted to Esunny’s infrastructure connected to Chinese stock exchanges. This solution added via Esunny completes the complete offer of CQG China integration by allowing both onshore and offshore broker connectivity, providing more versatility for global trading clients to enter China and benefits many international FCMs that plan to strengthen flow facilitation with China.”

before the last China market integration, CQG and Esunny have been working together for years to enable Esunny’s front-end to provide a wide range of access to international markets, leveraging CQG’s global connectivity for routing services some orders. The two companies plan to continue exploring ways to better serve the Chinese and international business communities through joint efforts.

CQG Asia Pacific presence includes offices in Singapore, Tokyo, sydney, Shanghai and hong kong.

About Esunny International (HK) Co., Limited

Founded in June 2017, Esunny International (HK) Co., Limited is a technology provider and a subsidiary of Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange. As a high-tech company, it specializes in computer application software development, Internet technical support, risk management and hosting services for the financial industry and information services for the financial industry. commodity futures industry. Esunny International (HK) Co., Limited strives to continue its innovation efforts to better serve the international futures and broader derivatives markets, and to maintain its leading position as one of the leading providers of services in the hong kong market.

About the CQG

CQG provides industry-leading solutions for traders, brokers, trading hedgers and exchanges for their market-related activities globally, including trading, market data, advanced technical analysis, risk management and account administration. The company partners with the vast majority of futures brokerage and clearing firms and provides direct market access (DMA) to over 45 exchanges through its global network of co-located hosted exchange gateways. CQG technology serves as a front end for a variety of exchanges and is increasingly being used as an OTC matching engine for important new markets. CQG’s server-side order management tools for broadcast, market aggregation and smart ordering are unmatched in speed and ease of use. Its market data feed consolidates 85 sources, including exchanges around the world for futures, options, fixed income, currencies and stocks, as well as data on debt securities, reports industry and financial indices. One of the oldest technology solution providers in the industry, CQG has won numerous awards for its trading software, technical analysis and multi-asset trading platform. The CQG has its head office at denver, with 16 sales and support offices and data centers in major global markets. For more information, visit www.cqg.com.



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