epiIQ and room team up to bring the metaverse to nonprofits and events

As event professionals continue to ponder how the Metaverse can bring unique new opportunities to the industry, two companies have partnered to make it happen. epIQ Creative Group, a demand generation marketing agency creating multi-channel systems that drive demand to brands, and rooom Enterprise Metaverse Solutions aim to help associations and event professionals unlock the potential of the metaverse and bring marketable experiences to their communities and audiences.

The new partnership is designed to bring to life exciting opportunities that virtual and hybrid communities and events, including association fairs, trade shows, exhibitions, conventions and corporate events, can benefit from throughout the year.

“This is our first step of many into the world of immersing associations with the value created by communities, both in person and digitally,” said Bill McGlade, President of epIQ. “Rooom’s platform is the most expansive metaverse solution I’ve seen, and its flexibility allows for multiple customizations to personalize the user experience and make each mini-metaverse its own for the association [or event].”

rooom’s expansive technology, offering a set of tools to create, manage and market interactive 3D, augmented reality (AR) and visual reality (VR) experiences, immerses audiences in their own private metaverse community, where they can participate to events, network, research markets, access helpful resources and more. The myriad use cases for rooom’s digital experience technology include marketing, sales, education, collaboration, events and entertainment. Meanwhile, vendors have access to lead generation opportunities through value creation within the metaverse community.

“This is a tremendous opportunity to introduce rooom to the association and event industries and provide members with added value,” said Bill Sweeney, director of business development for rooom in North America. “With epIQ’s extensive industry knowledge, we will be able to provide the essential building blocks for building communities in the metaverse.”

Sweeney added, “Now is the time to start creating a content strategy for the metaverse, and we’re excited to help charities [and events] with their digital transformation. The future is in 3D!

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