Forbes CMO Network is broadcasting marketers’ reactions to ads in Super Bowl LVI live on Twitter.

Celebrating and critiquing the advertising game in the big game.


While there will be no shortage of reviews, comments and ratings on marketing’s biggest game, Forbes brings together a collective of CMOs, creatives, and strategists to share their practitioner’s perspective on which ads land, which don’t, and why.

The journey from brief to insight, from idea to execution and from execution to ROI can be as fraught with pitfalls and compromises as it is rich with opportunities to influence a particularly predisposed audience. to pay attention. And when companies spend as many millions of dollars as these brands do — some of them tens of millions — broadcaster NBCUniversal said 30-second ad slots sell for up to $7 million — the question who will and will not be profitable looms large.

Join us during the game on Twitter as Forbes a d Forbes CMO Discuss #SuperBowlAds with marketers (see below) from a variety of industries, perspectives, and visions, who know how the advertising game is won and lost.

Seth MatlinForbes CMO Network Managing Director

Marty SwantForbes CMO Network Editor


matt breuer

CMO, Buffy. Forbes 30 Under 30/Forbes CMO Next

To follow: @MJBreuer/LinkedIn

Jazmin Burrel

Creative Strategist, Snap Inc. Forbes 30 Under 30

To follow: @JazzieBurr_/LinkedIn

Geoff Cottrill

CMO, TopGolf

To follow: @YoGMoney/LinkedIn

Robyn Frost

Senior Art Director, TBWA Chiat Day NY

To follow: @RobynHFrost / Robyne

Jamie Gutfreund

Global CMO, Whalar

To follow: @JamieCentral/LinkedIn

Jason Harris

Co-founder and CEO Mekanism

To follow: @Jason_Harris/LinkedIn

Ro Kalonaros

Global Director of Content and Culture at Omnicom. Forbes 30 Under 30

To follow: @YoItsRo/LinkedIn

Amy Charlotte Kean

Creative Sociologist/Cultural Editor at Shots

To follow: @keano81 / Amy Charlotte Kean

Matthew Low

Associate Creative Director, BBDO WorldWide. Forbes 30 Under 30

To follow: @MBas930/LinkedIn

Rachel Mercier

Founder, Chief Experience Officer at Proto

To follow: @RachelMercer/LinkedIn

Justina Omokhua

CMO, lock.

To follow: @Justeenaho /LinkedIn

Chantal Report

CMO, Upstart. Forbes 30 Under 30

To follow: @ChantalRapport/LinkedIn

jimmy smith

CEO and CCO, Amusement Park Entertainment

To follow: @Amusement park_ / Amusement park

Lindsay Stein

Head of Social Impact, Havas NY

To follow: @Lindsay_Stein / LinkedIn

Derek Walker

Owner, Brown and Browner

To follow: @DerekLWalker / LinkedIn

Pranav Yadav

Founder and CEO, Neuro-Insight US | Forbes 30 Under 30 | Former Forbes Stars Under 30

To follow: @PranavYadav / LinkedIn

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