Genvia to expand the next generation of electrolyser technology


Schlumberger New Energy, CEA and their partners have signed pilot project agreements between Genvia, a Schlumberger joint venture in clean hydrogen technology, and critical industry leaders on the path to net zero in cement and steel industries. Through these agreements, Genvia will extend the next generation of electrolyser technology, developed over two decades of R&D at CEA, to produce clean hydrogen without CO2 emissions, accelerating the decarbonisation of several industrial sectors.

During an official visit to the Schlumberger and Genvia plant on November 16, French President Emmanuel Macron welcomed the joint public-private partnership and reiterated his commitment and ambition for the hydrogen economy. Leveraging Schlumberger’s industrialization expertise and global footprint, these new agreements will pave the way for the development of the entire value chain to use hydrogen as the preferred clean energy carrier.

“The agreements are important steps to accelerate the deployment of Genvia technology that will support the future hydrogen economy,” said Ashok Belani, Executive Vice President of Schlumberger New Energy. “As a scalable, carbon-free energy carrier, clean hydrogen will play a key role in achieving the global energy transition and net zero ambitions. Genvia will accelerate the large-scale adoption of clean hydrogen through its demonstration projects in different industries. “

Genvia’s pilot projects will focus on the efficiency, performance and decarbonisation of industrial processes for the steel and cement industries, as follows:

  • Genvia and ArcelorMittal Méditerranée, a subsidiary of ArcelorMittal, the world leader in the steel industry, have agreed on a pilot project aimed at replacing the current use of hydrogen and supporting the decarbonization of the production of high-performance electric steel required for the electric vehicle industry.
  • Genvia and Ugitech, which is part of Swiss Steel Group, the world leader in long stainless steel products, has agreed on a pilot project to demonstrate both the technical suitability of hydrogen as a clean fuel for a reheating furnace that can replace natural gas, and the economic efficiency of the installation of Genvia Technology.
  • Genvia; Vicat, a cement production group; Hynamics, a low-carbon and renewable hydrogen solutions subsidiary of the EDF group; and EDF Research have agreed on a pilot project focused on optimizing Genvia’s technology for industrial applications, demonstrated in the cement sector.

Genvia technology aims to achieve the highest system efficiency, resulting in significantly lower electricity consumption per kilogram of hydrogen produced. The projects are expected to produce hydrogen in quantities ranging from 200 kg to 600 kg per day.

About Genvia

Genvia is a clean hydrogen technology company created to enable individual organizations, industries and nations to achieve their decarbonization goals by accelerating the production of clean and affordable hydrogen, energy storage and applications of large-scale fuel. The company represents a unique combination of French science and global engineering and benefits from the strength of a group of partner companies including the French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission (CEA), Schlumberger New Energy, VINCI Construction, the Vicat group and the Occitanie Region.

About Schlumberger New Energy

Schlumberger is the world’s leading provider of technology to the global energy industry. Schlumberger New Energy explores new avenues of growth by leveraging Schlumberger’s intellectual and business capital in emerging new energy markets, with a focus on low-carbon, carbon-neutral energy technologies. Its activities include companies in the fields of hydrogen, lithium, energy storage, carbon capture and sequestration, geothermal energy and geoenergy for heating and cooling of buildings.

About CEA

The CEA is a key player in research, development and innovation in four major areas: energy transition, digital transition, technologies for the medicine of the future and defense and security. With a workforce of 20,000 people, based on nine French sites with very large-scale research infrastructures, the CEA actively participates in collaborative projects with numerous academic and industrial partners in France, in Europe and around the world. According to the Clarivate 2019 ranking, the CEA is the leading French research organization, in terms of the number of patents filed in France and in Europe.

The CEA has invested through its 100% subsidiary CEA Investissement, a unique tool for a public research organization. It is assisted and operated by Supernova Invest, CEA’s private equity partner, which brings its solid experience in cutting-edge technologies to more than 140 investments in deep-tech companies, particularly in the hydrogen sector.


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