Joey Feste, Senior Managing Partner of KM Capital Management, Says It’s Time to Start Investing


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As CFO and Senior Managing Partner of KM Capital Management, Joey Feste understands the value of investing in portfolios and markets to build wealth. As the senior leader of Kingdom Life Church, he also understands the value of investing in people to help them be successful and improve the community for everyone involved. Together with his son, Joey Feste Jr., he helps his community and his business reach new heights. Feste brings more than 30 years of financial experience to its clients, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Texas.

Feste is also a Registered Investment Advisor Representative, who focuses on the needs of its clients and the wealth building goals they have. It helps teach people how to choose the right time to start investing, which can make it easier for them to make good financial choices. At KM Capital Management, he focuses on private wealth management. The company has grown into one of the leading companies offering this service, especially for people with high net worth who want personalized information and recommendations that help them build wealth and continue to advance their financial goals.

Professional artists and athletes use the services Joey Feste and Joey Feste Jr. provide, knowing they can get the support they need to leverage their wealth and achieve their financial goals. Feste is also aware, however, that people with lower levels of wealth also need help and support to develop their investment portfolios. They can be successful with a little extra information and coaching on how to move forward with the investment process in the right way. With a team of professionals in the financial, investment and legal niches, KM Capital Management is well positioned to provide clients with what they need.

Choosing the right time to invest

The right time for anyone to start investing, according to Joey Feste, is as early as possible. However, this comes with a few caveats. People with high interest rate debt will want to make sure they pay off that debt before they start investing. Why? Because it doesn’t make financial sense, Feste says, for someone to get a 10 percent return on their investment when they pay 16 percent interest on their credit cards, for example. Instead, it’s best to pay off the debt first, before you start using the extra money to invest.

There is also another caveat, and that is to make sure that anyone who plans to start investing has saved at least three months of living expenses, in case they lose their job or others. unforeseen problems happen to him. If that sort of thing happens, it will be important to have money to cover basic bills. Fortunately, this can be done more easily when there is a cushion of money saved and when a person does not need to borrow or use credit to get by for a while. Making a ROI is supposed to be on top of everything else, so having other things in place first is the way to handle this properly.

Emergency funds may not be enough to deal with every eventuality, but they can usually help solve many of the concerns people face. For example, unemployment may help a person have money during a job loss or transition period, but it may also not be enough to make all the payments and handle all the bills that they have to deal with. . In this case, the emergency fund will protect them and prevent them from having to withdraw invested money, which may result in early withdrawal penalties in some cases, depending on the investment vehicle.

Keep it simple to invest correctly

Among the things Joey Feste and his son Joey Feste Jr. consider very important when it comes to money management is keeping things as simple as possible. This means that it is a good idea for someone to choose an advisor whom they can trust for building wealth, but they should also make sure that they do not complicate the idea of ​​investing more than they do. ‘it should be. When people focus on paying off high-interest debt, building a cushion, so that they have enough security in the event of job loss, and then start investing prudently, they can often be much more successful in the long run. Bigger and more complicated investments can come over time and don’t need to be made right away.

When someone works with an employer that has a matching program, taking advantage of that program and investing a percentage of their salary in a retirement fund can be one of the easiest ways to get started. It is possible to invest a higher percentage of their salary, but the goal is to invest at least as high a percentage as the employer will. This is usually around three percent, but can reach six percent or more. It works as a great start to a wealth building tool, and it’s something almost anyone can do if their employer gives them this option.

It is also a very effective way to maximize funds and give employees the opportunity to accumulate the money they need to retire. In some cases, added to other investments, it will be possible for an employee to retire earlier than expected. But other investments are usually needed to make this possible. Joey Feste, along with his son, Joey Feste Jr., recommend starting with employer matching, along with other manageable investments. Investing is a skill, and the more research a person does, the more they can learn how to scale up what they are doing and add additional investments to it.

There is less chance of getting lost financially, when smaller, more careful choices are made early on. Mutual funds, stocks, and robo-advisers are all great ways to get things started. But companies like KM Capital Management can help build more wealth faster, once a person has made a first start. Investing is a very individual thing, and a person who is focused on their own goals – with the help of trusted advisors – has the opportunity to build significant wealth over time.

A little over a decade ago, in 2010, Joey Feste realized he was called upon to do more than help people financially. He also wanted to help them spiritually. So he founded Kingdom Life Church in San Antonio. In addition to preaching frequently in church, he also strives to help local business leaders understand how to combine their work with the Word of God. This brings value to the community and also helps businesses and individuals continue to grow and create more wealth over time, so that everyone can benefit from the continued development of the people and businesses where they live.


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