Kajeet launches Sentinel Insights for real-time decision making in IoT management

MCLEAN, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Kajeet®a leading provider of wireless connectivity, software and hardware solutions that provide secure, reliable and managed IoT solutions to more than 3,000 businesses, schools and districts, and state and local governments, announced today the launch of Sentinel Insights, a robust cloud-based data analytics product that enhances Kajeet’s flagship IoT management platform, Sentinel®. Using machine learning and predictive analytics, Sentinel Insights provides real-time data, alerts, and visualization capabilities that turn customer data into actionable insights for better, more informed decision-making.

“Sentinel Insights ushers in a new era for Kajeet’s data analytics engine and represents a critical step in our mission to deliver intelligent connections for good,” said Greg Jones, Chief Technology Officer at Kajeet. “Analyzing data trends and anomalies – such as how and when students use their devices, the content they consume, their engagement rate, etc. – can help educators produce better results for their students. students.”

According to Gartner, most data managers will fail to establish data literacy in their workforces by 2025. This projection highlights a key problem: they simply don’t have the resources to collect, process and interpret the data necessary to carry out specific actions. Sentinel Insights eliminates these inefficiencies for organizations, providing an innovative solution that processes data and extracts meaningful insights from it to optimize its delivery against business goals.

Sentinel Insights is the only analytics tool in the IoT connectivity market that provides multiple highly configurable real-time interactive data visualization dashboards based on unique customer needs. It aggregates information from various data-rich sources and tracks real-time activity at the device, app, and network level. Sentinel Insights also enables dynamic cohort analysis, allowing device managers to detect significant trends and anomalies in a specific group of users – a capability that has game-changing benefits for Kajeet’s customer base.

According to Dennis David, President of Infuriant Technology Solutions, “The launch of the Sentinel Insights real-time analytics platform is an incredibly valuable addition to the Kajeet product portfolio. Our clients, such as Five Guys, have a voracious appetite for real-time analytics in all areas of their business operations, right down to accurately predicting the number of pickles needed in each location on a daily basis.

Sentinel Insights is provisioned on Kajeet’s Sentinel™ IoT management platform. Centralizing all devices, data usage, user groups and policies, Sentinel allows administrators to manage multiple networks and accounts across all devices, as well as provide web filtering, firewalls and detection next-gen malware, all in an easy-to-use interface. . Sentinel Insights powers intelligent connections for Kajeet’s diverse customer base, including organizations in education, transportation, field services, government, and healthcare.

About Kajeet

Kajeet provides optimized IoT connectivity, software, and hardware products that deliver safe, reliable, and controlled Internet connectivity to nearly 3,000 businesses, schools and districts, state and local governments, and IoT solution providers. Kajeet’s private network solutions simplify private wireless to allow customers to design, install and manage their own private wireless networks.

Kajeet is the only managed IoT connectivity service provider in the industry to offer Sentinel®a scalable IoT management platform that includes real-time data usage visibility, policy control management, custom content filters for increased security, and multi-network flexibility.

Kajeet is available for hybrid and multi-network access on all major North American wireless networks, worldwide with coverage in 173 countries, and on multiple licensed and unlicensed networks. Kajeet holds 40 US patents in mobile technologies. To learn more, visit kajeet.com and follow us on Twitter at @Kajeet.

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