Konstellation Partners with Osmosis Zone for 10 Million $DARC Token Incentive Pool

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA / ACCESSWIRE / March 19, 2022 / The company building infrastructure for the DeFi capital markets, announces its first significant incentive pool of 10 Million $DARC with Cosmos protocol partner, Osmosis zone. $DARC is the native token of the Konstellation Network, facilitating activity across the Konstellation ecosystem, including the recent launch of Solana NFT based game, Squid Squad OG.

Konstellation Network is a blockchain protocol developed on Cosmos SDK to create a global infrastructure for the future of decentralized capital markets. The technology creates the backbone for a seamless bridge between capital and returns using interoperable cross-chain capital market solutions. Osmosis zone provides Konstellation with a solid partner utilizing Cosmos IBC protocol as Konstellation and it’s ecosystem projects focus on enhanced IBC functionality, Cosmos provides a solid DeFi partner for the creation and exchange of liquidity pools.

The new incentive pool available on Osmosis Zone stands at 10,000,000 DARC tokens, composed of 5,000,000 $DARC/$ATOM pool and 5,000,000 $DARC/$OSMO pool for bonus bonding rewards. The bonus bonding rewards increase according to the duration of the incentive pool, ranging from 500,000 – 5,000,000 $DARC over a period of two weeks.

Given the significant APR rewards currently available for OSMO, the incentive pool allows participants to earn additional 50% – 150% APR in DARC rewards. There will be a DARC matching incentive to match OSMO rewards, set to begin on March 18, 2022, providing a boost to OSMO rewards.

About Konstellation

Constellation is a decentralized cross-chain capital markets protocol built on the Cosmos network. The project is aimed to efficiently connect funds and the various components of the asset management industries with investors. Konstellation’s mission is to become the financial services industry hub for Cosmos and other blockchain ecosystems using strategic inter-operable blockchain communications.

The Konstellation network is powered by DARC tokens, which are required for the Konstellation network’s governance and transactions. Powered by features such as cross-chain infrastructure, a simplified interface, high composability, and effortless cross-chain DeFi usability, Konstellation is making headway in achieving its vision.

To learn more about Konstellation, visit their Website, Twitter, Telegram, Medium, Reddit, Discordand LinkedIn.

Media Details
Company Name: Konstellation Korea Ltd
City/Country: Jung Gu, Seoul, South Korea
Website: https://konstellation.tech/
E-mail: [email protected]

SOURCE: Constellation

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