MICROCAPITAL BRIEF: Toronto Centre, USAID Releases Gender Toolkit for Financial Regulators

The Canadian NGO Toronto Center and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) recently published a toolkit titled First Step: Integrating Gender into Technology-enabled Financial Sector Supervision, “to help financial supervisors in emerging markets integrate gender dimensions in their supervision practices.” The toolkit, which emphasizes the relevance of gender awareness and inclusion, offers the following features: (1) handling a range of market and regulatory contexts; (2) a modular format allowing supervisors to focus on the aspects most relevant to their organizations; and (3) step-by-step guidance designed to make it easy for supervisors to incorporate new methods into their daily practices. The toolkit is supported by video (webinar), audio (podcast) and written (transcripts) commentary and case studies in English and Spanish. These resources, as well as the toolkit itself, can be accessed at https://www.torontocentre.org/News/Gender-Aware-Supervision-Toolkit.

The Toronto Center provides training for financial sector regulators and supervisors, particularly in low- and middle-income countries, with the aim of promoting financial stability and access. This training covers “the supervision of banking, insurance, securities, pensions, microfinance and microinsurance”. In 2020, the NGO implemented 75 programs, training 3,000 people, 52% of whom were women.

Founded in 1961, USAID provides international economic and humanitarian assistance. It is active in areas such as economic growth, agriculture, trade, health, democracy, conflict prevention and humanitarian aid. In its 2020 fiscal year, USAID operated in approximately 100 countries at a net cost of $13.7 billion.

By Sheen Gupta, Research Associate

Sources and additional resources

Toronto Center Press Release

Toronto Center Annual Reports

USAID Home Page

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