Tick-Mark is Intertek’s leading independent and impartial product performance verification and claims program. The program provides independent verification of product quality, safety, performance, function, social responsibility and reliability, providing manufacturers, distributors and retailers with a point of differentiation in the marketplace and consumers peace of mind. mind about their product purchases.

During the launch ceremony, Intertek awarded the V8 VRF three Tick-Mark certificates, covering high reliability arbitrary topology, ultra-high temperature stable operation and ultra-high energy efficiencyall of which have been professionally verified to comply with certification requirements.

Sunny RaiPresident of Intertek Electrical and Connected World said, “Intertek has worked closely with Midea for many years and is committed to providing high quality, industry leading testing and certification services, by participating in its rapid development in the field of refrigeration. Going forward, we will continue to leverage our industry-leading ATIC solutions, professional capabilities and extensive global service experience in the HVAC industry to strengthen our partnership with Midea, working closely together to drive product upgrades and innovation in the industry. »

Tick-Mark Certification for High Reliability Arbitrary Topology:

Midea V8 VRF has pioneered the realization of 0.75mm2 two-conductor non-polar wire with ultra-long distance of 2000m and strong anti-interference and high reliability communication of 150 nodes under the VRF communication network.

Tick-Mark certification for stable ultra-high temperature operation:

Midea V8 VRF adopts new efficient closed electrical control box thermal management system and powerful full DC frequency conversion system for high temperature and humidity climate characteristics.

Tick-Mark certification for ultra-high energy efficiency:

The energy efficiency of Midea V8 VRF measured under the exterior 46/24 The working condition T3 is 40% higher than the minimum energy efficiency allowed in the United Arab Emirates (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES).

Intertek also conducted a comprehensive evaluation of VRF V8 for typhoon resistance, earthquake resistance, corrosion resistance and indoor air quality. The results were also industry-leading, earning Midea separate Tick-Mark certification for these parameters.

About Midea Building Technologies

The Midea Building Technologies Division is one of the five main business segments of the Midea Group. It focuses on building related products, services and industries, based on the intelligent digital platform, and using construction equipment and facilities + digital technology + industrial ecological layout, to open the “Traffic Flow “, “Flow of information”, “Flow of sensations” and “Flow of energy” of the building system.

About Intertec

Intertek is an industry leader with more than 44,000 employees at 1,000 locations in more than 100 countries. We provide 24/7 total quality assurance expertise with our industry-winning processes and customer-centric culture.


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