Muhyiddin: Resolving bread and butter issues is our priority

SHAH ALAM: Creating one million high-income job opportunities in the digital economy sector over five years is part of Perikatan Nasional’s plan if he comes to power.

As part of the coalition’s manifesto for GE15, she wants to create an enabling environment to attract quality investment that will produce more high-income job opportunities.

Along with this, it aims to create a special fund worth RM5bil to encourage investment and prioritize high-tech industries to create such jobs, especially for the younger workforce.

Perikatan also wants to make Malaysia the center of the Southeast Asian economy, which will rely on the industries of the future.

At the same time, it is committed to speeding up the process of hiring foreign workers for critical sectors.

Launched last night, the coalition’s manifesto, themed “Prihatin, Bersih, Stabil” (Caring, Clean, Stable), contains 234 bids to ensure a caring, clean and stable government that guarantees continued prosperity for every Malaysian.

He also promises to step up comprehensive and inclusive economic recovery initiatives, involving all races in the Malay Peninsula as well as Sabah and Sarawak.

At the launch here, Perikatan Chairman Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said the coalition would pay attention to day-to-day issues if given the people’s mandate to govern.

“Economic issues such as cost of living, employment, income, inflation, rising property prices and other issues of concern will receive Perikatan’s primary attention,” he said. during his speech.

If Perikatan were to form the government, Muhyiddin, who is a former prime minister, assured that he would discuss all such issues in his first cabinet meeting.

Bersatu’s chairman said the offers made by Perikatan are feasible based on the coalition’s experience as a government.

“We will ensure that all these deals can be implemented effectively and efficiently with the support of the civil service, government agencies, GLCs (government-linked companies) and the private sector,” he said. added.

Perikatan includes Bersatu, PAS, Gerakan, Sabah STAR and the Sabah Progressive Party.

As part of the manifesto, Perikatan offers to provide a year of free internet to start-ups to encourage technological innovation.

It will also strengthen retraining and upskilling programs in the high-tech sector by providing incentives to employers.

Other plans include increasing industry training opportunities in GLCs by providing a minimum stipend of RM1,000.

At the same time, the development of competitive micro-small and medium-sized enterprises (micro-SMEs) will be the main catalyst for economic growth.

Among the measures that Perikatan has in its manifesto is the pursuit of targeted moratoriums to help recovery in affected micro-SMEs.

In addition to prioritizing and encouraging the purchase of products made in Malaysia, Perikatan aims to transform micro-SMEs into mid-sized businesses and help them grow into local multinational companies.

To help micro-SMEs expand their access to national and international markets, Perikatan will provide incentives to improve brand image and product quality.

He also wants to improve the value chain of micro-SMEs by creating more opportunities for high-income jobs.

Incentives will be put in place to facilitate the awarding of halal certifications to micro-SMEs.

Ensuring an adequate food supply at a reasonable price is also on Perikatan’s agenda.

He wants to create six food production mega-centers in strategic locations that will focus on manufacturing, preparing and distributing food to achieve national self-sufficiency.

RM1bil will be allocated to a “Fund for Food” initiative to increase food manufacturing and stabilize food prices in the country.

Perikatan will also set up a government entity to ensure basic food security and enhance the production of fertilizer and livestock feed through the participation of the GLCs.

According to Perikatan, the election manifesto was written to defend the Constitution and Islam as the religion of the Federation, as well as to protect the rights of all races.

He said Perikatan was established as the nation faced unprecedented crises in politics, health and economy.

“Perikatan has stepped forward to lead the country to ensure the welfare and prosperity of the people. The Perikatan government has managed a national recovery that has taken place in the midst of a global pandemic,” reads the election manifesto.

At the same time, Perikatan also listed its achievements since 2020, among which seven economic stimulus packages such as Prihatin (RM230bil), Prihatin PKS+ (RM10bil), Penjana (RM35bil), Kita Prihatin (RM10bil), Permai (RM16bil) , Pemerkasa (RM20bil) and Pemulih (RM150bil).

Perikatan has managed to create 500,000 job opportunities through the National Employment Council and also signed the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) Free Trade Agreement in 2020.

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