Nebraska’s economy will continue to grow | Opinion

Building permit for family houses,

number of air passengers,

Unemployment insurance claims,

The value of the US dollar, and,

Manufacturing hours worked.

Thompson said most components of the indicator rose in November.

Building permits increased for the second consecutive month. Thompson said it contributed significantly to his showing.

“The increase in permits shows that builders plan to overcome labor and supply challenges to meet strong demand,” Thompson said. There were other signs of consumer confidence. Hours worked in manufacturing also increased in November, reflecting strong demand for manufactured goods across the country.

“Business expectations were high across the economy,” Thompson said.

Consumers remain confident, but so do entrepreneurs. They told Thompson they anticipate increased sales and will be hiring staff in the coming months.

We appreciate the optimistic outlook from consumers. Enthusiasm is contagious. When one sector shows confidence, it reinforces the attitude of other sectors. As for Thompson’s prediction of “moderate” growth, we think slowness and consistency wins the race. It is easier for companies to scale their operations to accommodate moderate growth versus overheated and unsustainable growth.

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