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Kel Treseder

When was established in 2020, it was designed for energetic small to medium sized businesses with passionate owners with a connection to motorsport.

If you could select the perfect candidate, you couldn’t do better than Kel and Danielle Treseder’s Handy Maintenance Co.

The business was originally founded in 2021 as a side hobby, but former five-time national go-kart champion Kel and his wife Danielle decided to go full-time.

The new business specializes in the maintenance, repair and improvement of residential and commercial properties in North West Brisbane and is growing by the day.

“We offer a full range of services from general carpentry and repairs, property maintenance and pre-sale repairs to larger home renovations, as well as routine commercial property maintenance and body work,” Kel said.

“Currently, our scope of practice is limited to jobs worth $3,300 or less, in accordance with the SQCC [Queensland Building and Construction Commission] regulations.

“We are of course fully insured and pride ourselves on being professional, reliable, innovative and friendly.”

Treseder began his working life by completing a carpentry apprenticeship in Bundaberg, Queensland.

However, his interest in karting soon encouraged him to form Kel’s Karts and Parts with the help of longtime backers Ray and Keryn Fulcher to serve local and interstate competitors.

He then dabbled in real estate, before establishing himself in the packaging, fresh produce and manufacturing sectors and taking on a position as Director of National Strategic Sales.

“I’ve always had a burning desire to have my own business, which I guess has always been my first passion,” said Treseder, 37.

“Danielle has always been tremendously supportive, and together we decided to have a crack and made Handy Maintenance Co our full time concern.

“In the short time since the company’s announcement, we’ve had a great response, particularly from the motorsports industry.

“It has grown even more since I joined”

Treseder’s racing career spanned three decades, both nationally and internationally.

During this period, he won no less than five national championships and 40 state titles.

He raced at the Super Nationals in Las Vegas and represented Australia in Spain at the IAME World Challenge.

During his karting career, he made several lifelong friends, including three-time Supercars champion Scott McLaughlin, who he witnessed in California in December 2019.

Scott McLaughlin and Kel Treseder

Kel decided to try something different in 2016 and entered Aussie Racing Cars, where he remained until 2020 when COVID-19 took its toll on local championships.

The pandemic has also given Treseder plenty of time to re-evaluate his personal career.

“Running was never really more of a hobby for me because I was always more focused on family and business,” Treseder said.

“Motorsport has given us so many amazing experiences and friendships, but racing has once again been put on the back burner while we focus on making Handy Maintenance Co the best we can be.” owner and founder Brett “Crusher” Murray said there couldn’t be a more perfect candidate for than Kel and Danielle Treseder and their company Handy Maintenance Co.

“Kel and Danielle and their Handy Maintenance Co are the exact reason we created in the first place,” said Murray.

“These are great young people with a young family who have a decent chance in their own business.

“They are incredibly professional and we hope that becoming a member of will introduce them to an increased list of clients.”

Anyone with a small or medium business can join for free.

For more information on Handy Maintenance Co, click here.

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