New Total Economic Impact ™ Report Shows $ 4.5 Million In Value And Over 300% Return On Investment Of Copado


Forrester Consulting found that Copado DevOps delivered:

– 20 times shorter lead times

– 10 times faster recovery times

– Reduced change failure rate by 4x

– 7% more productivity

CHICAGO, August 3, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Copado, a leading DevOps platform that powers the world’s largest digital transformations, today released the results of a commissioned Total Economic Impact â„¢ (TEI) study conducted by Forrester Consulting that focused on long-term financial and business impact for companies using Copado DevOps for Salesforce, which is available on the AppExchange. According to the study “Total Economic Impact â„¢ of Copado DevOps“, organizations using Copado’s data-driven DevOps platform can achieve $ 4.5 million in value and an ROI of 307% over three years with a return on investment in less than 6 months.

Copado, the leading DevOps platform enabling the biggest digital transformations in the cloud (PRNewsfoto / Copado)

Copado’s DevOps platform can reach $ 4.5 million in value and an ROI of 307% over 3 years with a return on investment in less than 6 months.

Forrester Consulting has conducted in-depth interviews with Copado clients in various industries. The information from these interviews was used to create a composite organization to present the benefits, costs and risks associated with investing in the product. The results show that Copado customers increased the speed of deployment, improved the capacity of the delivery team, and experienced quality improvements from delivery to production, including a 90% reduction in the failure rate of modifications.

Prior to using Copado, customers deployed SaaS-based applications through manual means such as change sets or by trying to use traditional script-based DevOps tools. However, this process was laborious, slow, and prone to deployment failures. These limitations have resulted in business application outages, challenged development teams to meet business demand, and delayed the release of key updates.

After investing in Copado, organizations experienced:

  • Increased the speed of deployment of user stories from 80 to 95%. Over three years and 4,440 accumulated user stories, the increased publication speed is worth more than $ 1.9 million to the composite organization.

  • Reduce change failure rates to less than 10% and recover from failures 80-90% faster. Over three years, improving the quality of releases is worth $ 2.4 million to the organization.

  • Improved version manager productivity and developer capacity by 5-7%. Over three years, the productivity gain is worth $ 1.7 million to the composite organization.

“We decided to invest in Copado because it is natively built on Salesforce. Also, we had a mix of experienced developers and lots of point-and-click developers who needed the UI. Copado has enabled us to move to a continuous delivery model. The company tells us, “I’m done with the tests. Go for it “. I deploy an hour later, and it’s live, ”said the business applications manager of a leader in industrial chemistry.

“Application releases are often extremely stressful and require significant overtime for the release team,” said Andrew Leigh, Marketing Director of Copado. “Not only does Copado deliver exceptional financial and business benefits to organizations, by improving ease of deployment, Copado has boosted morale among launch teams, increased employee satisfaction and reduced attrition rates for delivery teams. In the current climate, such results are priceless.

Copado discussed the findings of the TEI report with Véronique Iles and Chris Layton by Forrester Consulting in a recorded webinar available at:

The complete study can also be downloaded free of charge from the Copado website:

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Copado is a leading DevOps platform enabling some of the world’s largest digital transformations in the cloud. Supported by Insight Partners and Salesforce Ventures, Copado accelerates cloud deployments, simplifies the publishing process, increases developer productivity, automates security and compliance, and maximizes cloud return on investment. Copado DevOps 360 â„¢ includes value planning, continuous delivery, automated testing, security and compliance. Over 1,000 companies use Copado, including Boston Scientific, Coca-Cola, Fair Trade, Linde, MassMutual, Schneider Electric, and Shell. Copado processes over 50 million DevOps transactions per month and scores 100% on Salesforce AppExchange. More information can be found at:



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