News summary: Exports to Russia are not a scandal, but a problem

Couriers needed, less bike lanes than promised.

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Doctors reject vague memorandum

Thousands of doctors are still on the verge of leaving their jobs after rejecting government proposals they say do not meet their demands for pay and working conditions.

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The article continues after the video ad

The government memorandum is vague and offers no real solution, doctors say. They add that this shows that the government is underestimating the situation.

The doctors also pointed out shortcomings of the memorandum which they believe will not ensure the necessary systemic changes in the health sector, including an insufficient increase in doctors’ salaries.

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  • Russia: High-profile exports of dual-use goods to Russia do not run afoul of EU sanctions, a parliamentary committee has said.
  • Labor market: Demand for couriers has hit record highs as businesses gear up for Christmas.
  • Bike: The Supreme Audit Office found that Slovakia was behind on its promise to build more routes for cyclists.

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Roma are disappearing from Roma communities

The Slovak Viewer spoke with Lenka Goroľová from the Center for National Minority Languages ​​and Culture at the University of Prešov about the Romani language and its use in Slovakia today.


  • MPs elected a new public defender of rights after seven months. Róbert Dobrovodský, assistant to MP Katarína Hatráková, received 81 votes out of 138. Hatráková nominated him for the post.
  • Gas and electricity prices for households will be set by the government in the general economic interest. Regulated prices calculated on the basis of market prices by the Network Industries Regulatory Office would lead to extreme price increases, Economy Minister Karel Hirman said.

  • Slovakia fell in the Global Rule of Law Index for 2022. According to the Ministry of Justice, the evaluation was influenced by an overly negative perception of justice on the part of the evaluators. The findings of this report should not be underestimated, the ministry added.
  • Japanese Emperor Naruhito awarded Slovak diplomat Miroslav Lajčák for his contribution to deepening relations between Slovakia and Japan.

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