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nokia improved Industrial wallet with specialized devices for hazardous environments find in chemical, oil and gas Industries

  • Nokia Introduces Private Wireless 5G Industrial Field Router and Special Edition Nokia XR20 Smartphone Created by HMD Global with ATEX, IECEx and UL Certifications
  • Will enable reliable and secure connectivity for equipment and people in chemical, oil and gas, manufacturing and other hazardous industrial environments, using private 4.9G and 5G wireless networks

October 5 2022

Espoo, Finland – Nokia today announced that he is improving sound market leader range robust user equipment for use in hazardous, flammable, explosive and dusty environments. The company presents eimproved versions of nokia Industrial 5G field router and Nokia XR20 smartphone created by HMD Global, for 4.9G and 5G networks, at To allow oil and gas companies and other Industries to maintain the vital connectivity of their workforce and machinery.

The digital transformation of industries is driven not only by the need to increase productivity and efficiency, but also to protect people and the environment. For example, it’s critical to keep workers connected at a remote oil rig, chemical processing plant, dusty mine, or other hazardous environment. *ATEX, *IECEx, *NEC500 and *UL detail requirements to make equipment safe to use in locations where flammable chemicals are used and where explosions could occur.

The rugged Nokia XR20 has been enhanced in collaboration with HMD Global to meet the requirements for operating in hazardous environments. With apps like Nokia Team Comms or Group Communications on smartphones, workers can interact using push-to-talk and video. Nokia Industrial 5G field routers and Nokia XR20 Industrial edition phones are ATEX and IECEx certified and Nokia XR20 Industrial edition is also NEC500 and UL certified to meet the protection requirements of countries around the world.

Nokia’s pioneering 5G industrial field routers solve the problem of connecting legacy industrial equipment and vehicles to the private wireless network to enable businesses to benefit from Industry 4.0 use cases such as autonomous operations in mines, ports and factories. Now equipped with integrated enclosures, oil and gas companies can use the Industrial Field Routers to connect autonomous vehicles in hazardous areas or collect environmental and other data from machines connected by Field Routers over the private wireless network. .

Jaime Laguna, Global Head of Oil and Gas and Mining for Nokia, said: “Nokia is committed to providing end-to-end private wireless solutions for businesses and enabling workers to communicate in the most intuitive, secure and secure way, especially in demanding hazardous environments. We are excited to enhance our portfolio of hardened devices to meet industry-specific requirements for secure connectivity. »

Sebastian Ulrich, Managing Director Global Enterprise Business for HMD Global, said: “We look forward to working closely with Nokia to provide end-to-end solutions in demanding hazardous environments. The Nokia XR20 Industrial Edition enables vital and secure communication for workers in these remote locations.

By implementing the Nokia Digital Automated Cloud (DAC) private wireless platform, customers can take advantage of the recently launched Nokia Connectivity Operations dashboard, which extends the management of Nokia Industrial devices. This will provide the tools they need to track and gain visibility into device and network health without the need to deploy a separate solution.

Nokia Industrial device management supports contactless integration of Nokia Industrial smartphones, handhelds and IoT devices into the network. Management can be scaled to thousands of devices, allowing customers to apply policies and permissions in groups and update and patch devices remotely. Additionally, by subscribing to Nokia Network Digital Twin in addition to Nokia Connectivity Operations Dashboard, customers will benefit from real-time network monitoring as experienced by devices. This will provide features such as anomaly detection and future behavior prediction, allowing users to see the impact of planned changes before implementation in the real world.

*ATEX (Devices intended for use in EXplosive ATmospheres)

*IECEx (IEC certification system for standards relating to equipment intended for use in explosive atmospheres)

*NEC500 (National Electrical Code® Section 500)

*UL (underwriters laboratory)


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