Number of unemployed up to 15,600, underemployment soared to 50,600 in May-July

The number of unemployed in the SAR rose to 15,600 in the three months to July, up 1,700 from April to June, according to figures from the Statistics and Census Service (DSEC). .

The city’s general unemployment rate rose 0.4 percentage points from the previous three-month period to 4.1%, while the unemployment rate for local residents rose 0.6 percentage points. percentage to reach 5.4%.

The general unemployment rate has reached its highest level since October 2005.

Source: Statistics and Census Service (DSEC)

Official statistics also show that the underemployment rate rose sharply by 9.3 percentage points to 13.4%. In absolute terms, this represented an increase of 34,900 in the number of underemployed people, to 50,600, the majority working in gambling and junket activities, hotels, restaurants and similar activities and retail trade. , adds the DSEC.

Macau’s underemployment rate has reached the highest level on record, as data available in the DSEC’s statistical database provides underemployment figures from 1996.

The DSEC says this is due to “the suspension of most industrial and commercial activities during the ‘relatively static’ period amid the latest wave of the pandemic”, referring to the 12-day partial lockdown imposed in July.

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