PayTabs launches social commerce in GCC

Micro-merchants and freelancers in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia can create free online stores and receive social media payments with Paymes

DUBAIWATER, September 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — PayTabs, MEASA’s award-winning payments powerhouse, today announced that millions of freelancers, crafters, consultants, home-based business owners, personal trainers and micro-vendors through the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will now be able to receive instant payments on the PayTabs social commerce platform, Payments.

Freelancing? Turn your talent into transactions with the PayTabs social commerce platform, Paymes

Paymes will serve as the PayTabs social commerce platform in the MENA region. Designers, tailors, yoga instructors, tutors, painters, musicians, landscapers and others will have the opportunity to log into the Paymes platform, set up their digital storefront and immediately turn their passionate business ideas into profit. The whole process including uploading the freelancer documentation would be facilitated by PayTabs and Paymes in minutes.

According to data from the World Economic Forum and due to the pandemic, the United Arab Emirates has seen a 197% increase in the recruitment of digital freelancers in 2020. This represents a huge opportunity in terms of engaging these freelancers to make payments secure on social networks for the benefit of their profession.

Commenting on the launch of Paymes in the UAE, Neelam KeswaniManaging Director of PayTabs UAE said, “Paymes helps the merchant to create a shopping cart for the customer and share it in the same mode they communicate with them, whether it’s WhatsApp, Instagram or other social media. This helps the merchant close the deal faster instead of redirecting them to a website.During the pandemic, we have seen an increase in micro businesses and freelancers like artisans, photographers, fitness trainers and bakers Paymes enables these merchants to accept payments in minutes with minimal paperwork.entrepreneur, I’m excited to be a part of this impactful technology that will enable the gig economy to grow and add more value to the UAE economy.”

With the Paymes platform, GCC’s gig economy will benefit from the ability to instantly turn their talent and creativity into payments by sharing a secure payment link on nine different social media platforms, including Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. They can also accept contactless payments by generating a static QR code – the safest way to get paid online or in-store. Paymes also allows users to create a mini e-commerce online store, known as a “Paymes store”. The online store can be customized and personalized, saving additional costs for merchants who would otherwise pay to have their websites designed and developed by professional agencies.

According to Arab News, the growth of the independent labor force is accelerating in Saudi Arabia as the number of local self-employed nearly doubled in the first half of 2021 as the economy showed more signs of recovery from the pandemic. According to the Saudi Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, most freelancers are between 20 and 30 years old, with most working in graphic design, marketing and advertising, and family businesses, such as designing jewelry and the supply of coffee, in addition to real estate services and handicrafts. In this business environment, Mohammad AlsaudManaging Director of PayTabs KSA, added, “Paymes is a more than wonderful platform for all merchants to benefit from increasing revenue, expanding and collecting payments from their customers quickly and efficiently. This solution will take all merchants to the next stage of their online business by helping them reduce costs compared to competitors in the local market.”

Co-founder of Payme Hasan Jabbarov said: “In the field of e-commerce, while entrepreneurs and businesses find it difficult to manage the high costs of creating their own websites, solutions such as Paymes offer micro businesses multiple benefits. By enabling freelancers and micro-businesses to create their own digital storefront, online shoppers can add their favorite products from the online store to their cart, complete their delivery information and pay securely. This is the level of convenience that the Paymes platform and mobile apps bring to businesses.”

In addition to Turkey and AzerbaijanPaymes, which has 850,000 users worldwide, is also available for use and download in PayTabs’ key African market, Egypt.

About PayTabs
PayTabs is an award-winning payment solutions powerhouse founded by a Saudi entrepreneur Abdulaziz Al Jouf.

After processing the first live payment gateway transaction in June 2014, PayTabs today processes transactions in multiple currencies and markets quickly and securely. Using API plugins, PayTabs facilitates e-commerce, m-commerce and social commerce solutions for merchants and super merchants to offer plug and play payment functionality on their websites.

Originally backed by Saudi Aramco’s “Waed” and later by Saudi private investment, over the years PayTabs has integrated and exported a full stack of game-changing solutions. These include mobile apps, hospitality, government, education, airlines, travel, transportation and billing solutions, to interconnect the multi-billion dollar enterprise market chain in the MENA region.

In 2021, PayTabs launched PT Touch, the first point-of-sale software solution in the MENA market to turn smartphones into merchant point-of-sale (POS) terminals. In 2022, PayTabs leapfrogged to pioneer next-gen payments, launching its own globally validated, unified payments and next-gen transaction processing platform –Activate PayTabs®.

A proven game-changer in the global payments space, PayTabs has dedicated offices in the GCC, including the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia and presence in many other places, including Turkey, Indiaand Egypt. The company is an equal opportunity employer with a diverse and multicultural team of over 20 nationalities.

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