Raymond James Financial launches ‘Practice Exchange’, a robust and holistic succession planning platform for financial advisors


Leveraging its support for succession planning and leading acquisitions for financial advisors, Raymond James launched Practice Exchange, a robust and holistic succession planning platform for Raymond James advisers, according to Robert goff, Vice-President, Succession and Acquisition Planning at Raymond James.

Practice Exchange, a cloud-based tool powered by FindBob, is designed to bring clarity and ease to the succession planning process for advisors looking to grow their practices, protect their assets, and / or prepare for their own retirement. The new platform gives financial advisors a one-stop-shop for M&A tools, potential buyer / seller matching, and succession planning training, complementing succession and succession advisory resources. existing acquisition of the company.

“We are committed to developing the support resources that financial advisors need to plan for the financial future of their clients and the future of their own practices,” said Scott curtis, Private customer group President. “Building on our long-standing succession and acquisition advisory support, we are launching this app to streamline and facilitate the succession planning process for advisors. “

“In an environment of growing demand for succession solutions, we have continued to evolve our offerings with advisors – and their clients in mind,” said Goff. “After working with advisors to understand the key areas that they can benefit from, we are excited to deploy this strong platform for exchanging practices, as we continue to help financial advisors grow or exit their business – on their own terms. “

To streamline and facilitate financial advisor succession and acquisition planning, the Practice Exchange platform offers financial advisors:

Estate Matching – A proprietary algorithm to connect sellers and potential buyers based on business preferences and attributes

Assessment and education – Improved access to educational resources, assessment and funding tools and Raymond James team of consultants, all in one place

Disaster and Succession Planning – Ability to review and update disaster and succession planning information and identify potential successors

Secure Information Sharing – A secure space to review agreements, perform due diligence and negotiate with future partners, with Raymond James’ a team of consultants available at each stage of the process

“The response from our financial advisors throughout the process of working together to build and deploy Practice Exchange has been very positive,” said Laura jane powell, responsible for succession planning and acquisitions and project leader for exchange of practices. “As more financial advisors take advantage of the platform to plan for the future, our team will incorporate their feedback to improve and evolve Practice Exchange, while deepening our range of advisory services, using the platform. -form as part of a strategic succession plan. “

“I am extremely impressed with the new practice exchange resource available to us,” said John banks, Financial Advisor. “It saves time by combining several aspects of succession, disaster and acquisition planning into one easy-to-use platform. I look forward to continuing to use Practice Exchange, which I know will be very helpful in planning for the future. ‘

“Practice Exchange is a great tool for a business like ours looking for acquisition opportunities,” said Gautam Muthusami, Financial Advisor. “Given the fragmentation of our company, Practice Exchange brings together advisers with at least one common background in Raymond James. We have paid for another market access and believe it could complement or even replace these tools for us. Finding a successor to relationships spanning 20 or 30 years is no easy task and having the Raymond James team as part of our past acquisitions has helped build trust. ‘

Raymond James’ The Succession and Acquisition Planning team provides advisors with industry-leading flexibility and support to make it as easy as possible for them to purchase or acquire firms on their own terms. With turnkey and tailor-made offerings, they offer expertise in four main areas: succession and acquisition strategy consulting, catastrophic planning, team planning, and exit strategies. The experienced team provides financial advisors with comprehensive, personalized and advisory support in succession and retirement planning.

On Raymond James Financial, Inc.

Raymond James Financial, Inc. (NYSE: RJF) is a leading diversified financial services company providing services to individuals, businesses and municipalities for private client groups, capital markets, asset management, banking and other . The company has approximately 8,400 financial advisers. Total client assets are $ 1.21 trillion. Public since 1983, the company is listed on New York Stock Exchange under the acronym RJF. Additional information is available at www.raymondjames.com.


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