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The owners of the Longstocking brewery on the far south coast are delighted to announce some exciting developments.

“We have just installed a new brewery, which is five times the capacity of our existing brewery and which will allow us to enter some of the larger markets such as Canberra,” said Peter Caldwell, owner of Longstocking Brewery.

The independent craft beer brewery located in Oaklands, Pambula, has grown and developed steadily over the past three years.

Owners Peter Caldwell and Joey Cunningham have said they are excited to see the extension go into effect.

“We’re absolutely excited, we planned it three years ago to see it come to fruition, it’s just awesome,” Caldwell said.

Mr Caldwell said they planned the brewery expansion from day one because they saw the potential for growth.

With the new and larger brewing systems, fermenters and canning line, the brewery is about to start pumping its craft beers and ciders.

“We purchased a highly automated canning line in the United States that allows us to can about 25 cans per minute.”

“It’s faster than we can drink,” he laughed.

The canning line was due to arrive last week and Mr Caldwell believes they will start filling the cans with their beers by early to mid-July.

“It is totally game-changing because our bottling process was very laborious and slow and it took a lot of people to do it,” he said.

Mr Caldwell said the process would be much faster than when bottling their beer.

“Five cases per hour or one case per minute with our canning line.”

Mr Caldwell said there has been a lot of demand for their craft beer, so they’re excited to have the canning line to start matching it with supply.

“Because we have had demand, we are going to approach all the local stores because we want to support them and also sell in the Canberra market through a point of sale called Plonk,” he said.

The brewery is currently closed due to recent Covid restrictions and has decided to use this time to focus on projects indoors.

Ms. Caldwell said that with all the adversity that small businesses in communities have had to face, they have learned to simply turn these things around.

“When an obstacle comes up, we think we see how we can turn it into an advantage,” he said.

“So all of these things made us a little more innovative and a little tougher.”

Despite the restrictions, the brewery did well, hiring around 30 staff and hosting their very popular live music days.

Mr Caldwell said most of their artists who perform on Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons are from the Bega Valley.

Supporting local talent is important to Longstocking owners.

“We’re having a guy from Melbourne but other than that they’re all local, a lot of them from Candelo,” Caldwell said.

Take a step back: Take a look at the new extension of the Longstocking brewery. Photo credit: Amandine Ahrens

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