Red Sox-JD Martinez deactivation update looks good for NYY

JD Martinez has been with the Boston Red Sox for four seasons. The only year he wasn’t named to the All-Star squad was 2020 … that is, when no one was named to the All-Star squad. He’s been an absolute steal for the New York Yankees’ main rivals since signing the five-year, $ 110 million contract after a career campaign in 2017 that saw him hit 45 home runs and lead 104 RBI with an incredible 1.066 OPS.

And again, the Sox got lucky when he was essentially forced to sign up ahead of the 2021 season due to an appalling performance in the 54 games shortened by the 2020 pandemic that saw him reach. 213 with a .680 OPS because he didn’t. t have ‘access to the video room.

Did Boston get lucky thanks to an important independent agency decision that changed the entire complexion of its programming? Weird. Did you think the Red Sox were a bloody franchise? This has certainly not been the case for 17 years!

But they may ultimately fail in the offseason. After the Yankees smash them in the mud at Fenway this weekend, they’ll still be fighting for the AL Wild Card’s top spot and home court advantage. Even though things to do go their way, Martinez is not stuck to return in 2022 based on his latest comments.

Here’s what the four-time All-Star and three-time Silver Slugger said to WEEI’s Rob Bradford on Tuesday:

“I’m right in the middle,” Martinez said of the pullout decision. “It’s a line of balance, and I’m right in the middle. I haven’t made a decision. I don’t worry about that stuff, but right now I’m right in the middle.

The Yankees could benefit by watching JD Martinez leave the Red Sox this offseason.

In case you haven’t heard, Martinez is “right in the middle” regarding his next step out decision.

Much like he did after the 2020 season, Martinez has another opt-out clause after this year, and he could afford to cash in one last major multi-year contract ahead of his campaign at 34. And it would probably be smart to do so given that he hits .285 with 88 runs scored, 27 homers, 96 RBIs and an .865 OPS.

Any subtraction from the Red Sox would really help the Yankees, especially with the up-and-coming Blue Jays willingly envisioning AL East supremacy… and the fact that the Rays will never go away.

But the departure of Martinez would perhaps be the most precious. He killed the Yankees during his career.

Oops… except there.

But seriously, he’s slashed by .291 / .346 / .528 (.874 OPS) with 40 runs scored, 17 homers and 49 RBIs in 86 games – which is the most he’s played against any opponent. in his career.

One would think that taking his $ 19.35 million from the payroll is advantageous for general manager Chaim Bloom, who was imported from Tampa Bay to be cheap and make Rays-like acquisitions to be more profitable for the company. one of the three largest sports markets in the United States. United States of America, but there is probably no replacement for the production of Martinez, especially at this price.

Have fun using that money to sign five lesser players who will barely come close to matching his production.

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