Robust home sales are attracting investor interest again

Investors are back to buying residential properties, leading to better price appreciation, and given the momentum in the sector, there is room for good returns going forward, investors said. industry leaders. The residential real estate market had become an end-user driven market over the past few years, with investors staying away due to the lack of movement in property prices. That is changing, they said.

“A big incentive for investors is rising house prices, after remaining flat for the past 3-4 years, indicating good prospects for capital appreciation. The pandemic has fueled increased interest in home ownership. property. And factors such as low interest rates and real estate holding its value amid volatile stock markets have all merged, which bodes well for the residential sector,” the chief executive said. by K Raheja Corp Homes, Ramesh Ranganathan.

The depreciation of the rupee has sparked a huge increase in interest from wealthy Indians and West Asian NRIs.

“Investors took advantage of pre-launch discounts offered by developers to cash in on a buoyant market. assets with a 25-30% uptick in just one year, especially in the case of investments in plots and pre-launch projects,” said Shalin Raina, general manager of residential services at real estate services company Cushman & Wakefield “Stock market volatility has also helped make real estate a favorable investment option for investors.”

According to market participants, the growing confidence of the investment community in real estate as an asset class is one of the main reasons that led the market to rebound strongly. Before Covid-19, investors avoided residential real estate but still focused on commercial properties, which yielded better returns.

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