ShowHeroes Group Launches Industry-Leading Audience Targeting Solution for CTV


LONDON, September 21, 2021 / PRNewswire / – ShowHeroes Group, Europe A leading independent provider of video solutions for publishers and digital advertisers, today announces the launch of SemanticHero for CTV – a pioneering product that will open up new opportunities for players in the digital ecosystem.

Building on ShowHeroes Group’s reputation for world-class semantic targeting, SemanticHero for CTV enables a rich and nuanced understanding of the context in CTV’s lucrative inventory. Its AI-driven approach uses a combination of available sources, including metadata and EPG data, to understand the full meaning of CTV content.

State-of-the-art technology from ShowHeroes Group means advertisers and publishers in the CTV space can deliver campaigns and monetize content more effectively, avoiding wasted inventory by placing ads in the most relevant and most relevant environments. safe for the brand.

CTV is already well established in the United States, with 73% of CTV inventory buyers shifting their marketing budget from traditional TV to CTV this year, according to the IAB. With the increase in the use of CTV during lockdown, this trend is expected to be reflected in Europe – as brands look for new ways to break into a privileged targeting environment.

The launch of SemanticHero for CTV is overseen by Sarah lewis, Global Director CTV at ShowHeroes Group and former Director of SpotX. Sarah will use her deep understanding of the CTV space to innovate on both the demand and supply side of digital video advertising.

“This is an important moment in the evolution of ShowHeroes Group products, and it is a testament to the extent of our semantic intelligence,” said Sarah. “Research shows that 65% of CTV viewers want advertising that is relevant to them, especially the program they are watching.

“SemanticHero for CTV enables this skill, allowing advertisers to target exactly the right context for their brand, going far beyond what is possible with other solutions. Marketers can use it to serve their ads in the most contextually relevant environments possible, for impactful and scalable CTV Accessing premium CTV inventory in this smart and efficient way has never been easier. “

Advertising technology solution providers have already struggled to target content in the CTV marketplace, even with demand in this area reaching an all time high. Many vendors rely on basic keyword or object recognition, as well as analysis of a single frame, to determine the context of digital video. But these tools aren’t sophisticated enough in an age when streaming video content is both fast and multifaceted.

SemanticHero for CTV bridges the gap. It integrates directly with the editor to access a wider range of data sources, including video metadata, EPG data, and keyword analysis. This is then extracted and extracted into the ShowHeroes Group semantic database. The semantic concepts and the feeling of the content are then identified, to understand the context in detail. This data-driven information is processed for CTV ad targeting that accurately matches a brand with positive and relevant content. An example could be an advertisement for a range of electric cars paired with premium CTV content around automotive, sustainability, or green tech.

“CTV is a top quality, high performing inventory, so it’s very valuable to brands,” says Ilhan Zengin, founder and CEO of ShowHeroes Group. “However, the ability to target in this environment was not possible before.”

“With the emergence of exciting new formats for the big screen, SemanticHero for CTV provides buyers and publishers with the in-depth machine learning they need to accurately target and helps publishers monetize content with an incisive approach and sustainable. By bringing our revolutionary technology to CTV, we hope to spark a new wave of innovation in the digital advertising space. “

ShowHeroes Group’s exclusive video platform has given it a head start in Europe, where he works with key markets to deliver video content and related advertisements across a range of connected sites and apps. The company is investing heavily in its CTV branch to complement the capabilities of its semantic matching engine, and recently acquired three European companies as part of its new umbrella brand.

With consumers looking for better advertising experiences – and CTV buyers needing advanced solutions to meet that demand – SemanticHero strikes the perfect balance. This is a bold new step, taking buyers to the next level and being relevant in the burgeoning field of connected TV.

About the ShowHeroes group

ShowHeroes Group was founded in 2020 – as a result of the continued expansion and growth of its premium digital video brand ShowHeroes. It operates from 15 international sites: Berlin, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Hildesheim, Riga, Moscow, Saint PETERSBOURG, Amsterdam, Vienna, Paris, London, Milan, Florence, Madrid and Tel Aviv. The team of 200 employees is led by Founding Heroes llhan Zengin, Mario Tiedemann and Dennis kirschner.

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