Shure Stem Ecosystem Provides Sound Solution for Video and Audio Conferencing

The Shure Stem ecosystem provides a simple and effective way to enhance the desktop video conferencing experience

It goes without saying that the Covid-19 pandemic has transformed work and the way we collaborate in a professional capacity. With the world forced indoors, the work-from-home mandate has allowed workers around the world to continue to go about their business and perform the tasks required for the office.

Video conferencing and audio conferencing have been an important lifeline during this unprecedented time of remote working. Although the pandemic has accelerated their use, the importance of these important tools has been highlighted in the modern office and workforce. And while many are returning to the office today, video and audio conferencing continue to be more important than ever, serving as a cost-effective way to increase productivity and encourage collaboration while saving time.

But the key to using these video conferencing and audio conferencing tools effectively is the quality of the hardware. This is something the Shure Stem ecosystem offers its customers, which has made it one of the leading and trusted brands in the conferencing and audio ecosystem industry.

A trusted brand in audio

Shure has always had a passion for producing high quality microphones and audio electronics. Founded in 1925, the brand has built a reputation as an industry leader with its wide range of reliable, top-quality audio products. In 2022, it acquired Stem Audio, an audio-focused company, effectively bringing its collective expertise and technologies to the conferencing and audio solutions market.

In Malaysia, the Shure Stem ecosystem is available through Mahajak Trio Electronic Sdn Bhd, the one-stop system supplier and distributor with decades of experience in the AV industry. The beauty of the ecosystem is that it was developed to provide customers with a seamless way to integrate video conferencing into the workspace. Effortless and efficient, the company’s audio solutions allow customers to create, manage and tailor their meeting space audio to suit their needs.

Boasting simple solutions designed for any space and room, the system benefits users by delivering high quality sound. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the Shure Stem ecosystem delivers superior sound quality with the added benefit of an innovative design with convenient controls that provide a scalable solution for meeting rooms of all shapes, sizes, and configurations.

Adapt to your needs

There’s no denying the importance of investing in reliable video conferencing tools and equipment to improve the digital workspace. With many businesses and industries now integrating remote work, video conferencing paves the way for a more conducive environment for professionals to collaborate more effectively in and out of the office.

However, for businesses and organizations looking to embark on the video conferencing adventure or upgrade their current setup, it can be a daunting task. This is where the Shure Stem ecosystem helps solve their problems.

With its wide range of audio solutions, the Shure Stem ecosystem gives customers the freedom to choose the right audio component for their desk or workspace. This includes microphones with built-in DSP, loudspeakers, high-quality speakers and transparent control interfaces.

For users, the range of audio solutions offered gives them the freedom to create their ideal conference room according to their needs. Customers also have the luxury of mixing and matching a range of Shure Stem Ecosystem devices to further customize their audio coverage, allowing them to speak freely and clearly from anywhere in the room.

The Shure Stem ecosystem includes four audio devices along with efficient support and control devices

From design to completion

What makes the Shure Stem ecosystem work so effectively is how it was designed. The system includes four audio devices – table, wall, ceiling and speaker, which work in tandem with the Control and Hub support devices. Users can mix and match devices to create the perfect mic in every room to maximize their audio quality.

The system is made up of the Stem Wall, a wall-mounted loudspeaker that can be mounted on a wall or placed on a credenza or cabinet. The high-quality microphone array includes built-in speakers and subwoofers, which can turn any environment into a professional conference room.

Stem Wall, on the other hand, is not your typical tabletop speaker. The Table Array Speaker combines beamforming microphone arrays with an innovative speakerphone to take the quality of your meetings to the next level. Offering uncompromising performance, Stem Ceiling is a ceiling microphone array that can be mounted above the conference space, completely out of sight.

Last but not least, Stem Speaker supports the system with an exceptional sound experience. Armed with a powerful driver and built-in technology, the networked speaker gives users the flexibility to choose the right mounting option to fit their workspace.

When you have more than one Stem device in a room or need additional connectivity options, Stem Hub or Hub Express comes in handy. Functioning as a communication center, it brings together the collective system, allowing multiple audio terminals to communicate with each other and operate as a single ecosystem.

Putting the ecosystem in the hands of the user is the Stem Control, a convenient dedicated touch controller. Offering an easy to use interface, the controller allows users to remotely access the Stem Ecosystem platform. Through the ecosystem controller, users can initiate push-to-start meetings with their favorite video conferencing platform.

A smooth experience

Shure Stem Ecosystem devices are backed by a robust platform of tools designed to make the process of adopting new technologies both simple and seamless. From design to implementation and management, customers are assured of the best audio conferencing experience in their office space.

The added benefit of the Shure Stem ecosystem is that it is compatible with other leading video conferencing platforms and collaboration technologies. This allows customers to take advantage of a wide variety of video and audio conferencing tools with the added benefit of premium sound delivered by the Shure Stem ecosystem.

Taking the first step towards videoconferencing and audioconferencing can be difficult. Fortunately, the Shure Stem ecosystem has made the process simple and seamless. With RoomDesign, customers can virtually recreate their room to identify the audio devices they will need. They can also combine devices, place them in the desired location and check their respective coverage range.

The Shure Stem ecosystem also makes it easy to tune audio devices. Via RoomAdapt, users simply press a button to allow the devices to automatically adjust and optimize settings to ensure the best acoustic signature available in the room.

By simply listening to your voice and the noise in the room, the system’s RoomCheck will automatically measure the reverberation of room acoustics and generate a heatmap highlighting the expected audio quality for different areas of the space. Additionally, the system provides a seamless and intuitive user interface, allowing users to manage virtual meetings at their fingertips.

Users can access the Shure Stem Ecosystem platform through Stem Control, an iOS or Android app, or an HTML web browser on their smart device or computer. Remote management allows users to leverage data-rich statistics on system usage and performance and schedule automatic updates all in one place. This ensures that the system continues to perform at its best, improving the video conferencing experience for all participants.

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