This is how Indian OTTs reorganize security to protect against cyber threats, IT News, ET CIO


By Vanshika Sharma

The consumption of content on digital entertainment platforms has increased at an alarming rate. Tackling security concerns like data breaches, content piracy and transparency have become essential driving forces for businesses across industries as digital platforms have become the medium of choice for people.

Data security and privacy have become the central focus of digital organizations as large internet companies go out of their way to handle consumer data with care.

“A few years ago, I remembered the idea of ​​sharing data freely, and exploiting that PI data with or without consent for different adjacent services was very common. But I think a lot of sensitivities, appreciation and respect for consumer data has entered the industry as it becomes more mature with the arrival of tech and tech players, ”said Nitin Mittal, president of technology and data, ZEE Entertainment.

According to Zubin Dubash, COO-Digital, Shemaroo Entertainment, the biggest competition for any OTT in terms of security today is content piracy. To counter the problems of content piracy, he says, “As an industry, we need strong cyber laws and frameworks with lightning-fast action against authors. While this happens on an ad hoc basis, industry level policy and policing is needed in this area. ”

With an emphasis on their security structure, he adds, the platform works with multiple security partners and has deployed technology in each architecture module such as Player, CMS, CDN, Edge Servers, Front end apps, payment stacks, audio, video transcoding. They also use content splitting, an effective method of ensuring piracy is under control.

In addition, the platform has strict compliance rules for third-party vendors involved in data processing and encryption, which protects content from unauthorized distribution. It also prevents people from looking in areas where the player does not have the necessary license.

Another problem for the digital platform today is to protect its streaming content from piracy. Tackling the hurdle, Siddhartha Roy, COO of Hungama Digital Media, a leading streaming platform, says the company is boosting its delivery of high-quality content by putting a digital rights management (DRM) solution ) solid in the frame.

DRM allows a large number of users to consume the content without causing them to reach the source of the content link and prevents the content from being copyrighted. The company creates a secure pipeline that is traceable at all times.

Ensure the security of customer data

As digital platforms offer different subscription plans to their customers, protecting customer data from cyber attacks is a critical factor in building user confidence.

To further secure subscription-related data, Shemaroo Entertainment adheres to the Personal Data Protection Bill (PDPM) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which mandate the protection of personal data and life. private citizens.

Following the same path, Roy says, “At Hungama, we are fully GDPR compliant. No data we store is with the user or partner. For example, if you use content from Hungama, you will be named as a consumer. Your data is protected in what we call the single sign-on interface. Once we have your data, you consume it and your consumption model goes into a personalization tool. But the system doesn’t know it’s you “.

Improve customer personalization

With the influx of big data on the plate through subscription, content consumption or payment channels, the sheer volume of data helps these platforms deliver the best possible content recommendations to their users. Therefore, it is essential that organizations do not compromise the customer experience while strengthening the security structure.

“We carefully observe the behavioral and experiential models of our clients through robust tools and systems that we have built or purchased such as AI / ML, Deep Tech, Big Data, user journey observations, etc. These tools help us better understand the customer experience, which helps us constantly evolve and improve, ”says Zubin Dubash, COO-Digital, Shemaroo Entertainment.

To safeguard content safe from hackers and provide the best customer personalization experience, Zee Entertainment only collects data that is necessary and does not seek undue consent for client gallery or camera to protect content from hackers. and provide the best customer personalization experience.

Mittal adds, “We make sure that their credentials are safe from hacking and any type of malware that can hijack this information. So we take advantage of personalization and monetization, while protecting consumer credentials from any form of attack.

According to Dubash, as digital entertainment consumption increases with content diversification, mobile-centric plans and direct-to-OTT versions, technologies such as voice searches, voice navigation, and AI / Big Data for Content discovery are critical to the success of a platform and customer experience.

He adds that voice-assisted research is helping to bridge the gap between urban and rural areas. While post-production technologies such as AI-ML-based dubbing and captioning, intelligent transcoding technologies reduce CDN costs, resulting in better content discovery and better experience. user.

Mittal believes that for the digital entertainment industry to thrive at a constant speed in the future, everyone must work together to develop standards for how content is distributed over networks securely, from creator to distributor. .

“Second is working with the authorities and the government to propose strict criminal measures against the people and institutions, which are taken to do so. Because today it is very light. Even if you get caught, it’s easy to get away with it. We are not giving the right examples. Ultimately, you are hampering the livelihoods of the people who have spent their own hard earned money to build all of these things. So I think the industry needs to work together to make sure we counter the threat across the entire digital OTT world, ”he added.


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