Unemployment rates rose in Clark and Champaign counties in June

Although an increase in the labor force is expected between May and June, the increase this year has exceeded generally seen trends, said Bill LaFayette, economist and owner of Regionomics, an economics and workforce consulting firm. based in Columbus.

LaFayette said that taking into account seasonal factors that can impact work trends, Clark County had 700 more people in its workforce than what is normally seen in June. The same increase occurred in terms of occupied residents.

“Typically we’re seeing an increase because people are leaving school and entering the workforce,” LaFayette said.

Traditionally, the entry of students into the labor market has resulted in an increase in the overall labor force between May and June.

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However, the increase this year could also be the result of more people looking for work or looking for work as the economy recovers from the impact of the pandemic of coronavirus.

“The decrease in the economic impact of the pandemic is probably more important than people dropping out of school,” LaFayette said of factors that have contributed to an increase in Clark County’s workforce. in June.

State-wide restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic have also been lifted, including those on masks and social distancing. This happened at the beginning of June.

But if cases linked to the coronavirus pandemic tend to increase, it will have an impact on this recovery. This increase could affect consumer confidence or cause people to take shelter again, LaFayette added.

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