Velocity MSC Partners with Vistar Media for a Supply-Side Programmatic Platform (SSP) Expanding Digital Out-of-Home Inventory


Velocity adds 1,000 screens via Vistar SSP with new expansion scheduled for 2022

Posted: October 12, 2021 at 4:50 p.m. MDT|Update: 5 hours ago

HOLLAND, Ohio, 12 October 2021 / PRNewswire / – Velocity, a managed services company that provides managed IT services through networking, voice and data connectivity, as well as digital media displays and advertising networks, today announced its partnership with Vistar Media (Vistar), a leading global supplier. Programmatic Out-of-Home Digital Media (DOOH). Through this partnership, Velocity’s nationwide digital signage assets will be accessible to advertisers through Vistar’s SSP, either on open exchange or through private marketplace agreements.

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Vistar offers a complete end-to-end programmatic ecosystem for DOOH that includes a demand side platform (DSP), a supply side platform (SSP) and a data management platform (DMP), integrated to enable automated and measurable DOOH transactions. Vistar’s SSP is connected to the world’s leading demand-side omnichannel platform, making it one of the most popular places media owners and marketers go to to place their advertising offers.

“This partnership with Vistar dramatically increases Velocity’s customer base and broadens Vistar’s market access. Agencies are looking for the ease of buying and flexible buying opportunities that programmatic systems allow. We are happy to expand their options. with Velocity’s impressive portfolio which spans many high impact media markets, ”said Greg kiley, Chairman and CEO of Velocity.

With Velocity’s DOOH opportunities, Vistar customers will now have access to these additional 1,000 displays in the following networks:

  • Grocery Network: 170 screens at the top of the range Manhattan grocery stores at checkout
  • Hospitality Network: 570 screens in the lobby / check-in area
  • Movie theaters: 400 screens in the lobby and other high traffic areas (no more plans to be rolled out in 2022)

“Our goal is to provide an attractive inventory to buyers in a streamlined marketplace where sophisticated data strategies can be applied to engage consumers in the physical world,” said Eric Lamb, Senior Vice President of Procurement, Vistar Media. “Velocity’s displays in key locations where consumers relax, shop and attend to their basic needs provide excellent opportunities for brand marketers to integrate their message into these impactful contexts. “

Velocity has dramatically expanded its DOOH presence over the past year, establishing a comprehensive network that targets the on-the-go consumer where they shop, play, travel and stay. Previously announced acquisitions of Impax Media and Vision Media and the partnership with G6 Hospitality, the parent company of the Motel 6 and Studio 6 brands, expands Velocity’s digital signage inventory accessible through Vistar’s SSP to include more than 1,000 screens in the grocery, cinema and hotel sectors. , with a further extension scheduled for 2022.

Velocity provides customized managed services such as IT support, network management, voice and data connectivity, multinational data networking, field repairs and service, field project deployments and implementations , free TV and Wi-Fi solutions, digital signage and DOOH Multimedia Solutions, and more in the retail, hospitality, healthcare and entertainment industries. Founded in 2005, Velocity is a privately held company headquartered in Holland, Ohio, with over 500 employees, 13 redundant data centers, over 5,500 certified technicians in the United States and 450 operator agreements, and is a CLEC in all 50 states. Velocity is proud to be a member of the DPAA. For more information, visit

Vistar Media is the world leader in programmatic outdoor signage technology, delivering enterprise software specifically designed for the unique requirements of digital signage. Vistar provides a global demand-side platform for buyers to enable programmatic data-driven campaigns, a supply-side platform to connect signage operators to digital revenue, and device and content management software as well as ad serving technology powering the world’s most advanced signage networks. For more information, visit

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