Walz and Midwestern Governors to Create Electric Vehicle Charging Network


Governor Tim Walz and four other Midwestern governors have agreed to build a new electric vehicle (EV) charging network in the Midwest.

This agreement between Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin is called REV Midwest (Regional Electric Vehicle for the Midwest), according to a press release. Its objective is to “collectively accelerate the electrification of vehicles” in the region, which, according to the governors, will help reduce harmful emissions, benefit public health through cleaner air, create jobs, to stimulate the manufacture of electric vehicles and to ensure that the region can compete for private sector and federal funding for electric vehicles.

“The Midwest has the ingenuity and the will to develop innovative solutions to combat climate change,” Governor Tim Walz said in a statement. “I am proud to work with my fellow Midwestern governors not only to reduce pollution, but also to protect public health, create jobs and increase consumer choice across the region.”

The hope is that by building a coordinated and standardized EV infrastructure in the Midwest, more people will buy EVs, as charging stations will be easier to find, so motorists won’t have to worry about battery life. REV Midwest will also help lay the groundwork for the electrification of the industry’s fleet along the region’s trade corridors, ensuring the sustainability of interstate commerce as “the rapid adoption of electric vehicles continues,” says the press release.

The electric vehicle charging network will initially focus on highways and “trade corridors of regional importance” by creating “publicly accessible” charging stations that can serve medium and heavy vehicles to serve the shipping and transportation industries. logistic.

“By working with our Midwestern neighbors, we can accelerate the region’s growth in transportation, create jobs in our communities, and prioritize the environment that makes the Great Lakes region so great along the way. Illinois Governor JB Pritzker said in a statement.

REV Midwest estimates 105,000 new utilities jobs will be needed to launch electric vehicle charging infrastructure by 2030, and Midwestern states will work with industry leaders to understand what programs to support and training is needed to build the electric vehicle charging network.

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“We shouldn’t have to choose between building a cleaner, fairer state and economic development – and fortunately, vehicle electrification is one area where we can do both,” said the governor of Wisconsin. Tony Evers in a statement. “This regional partnership will be key to tackling emissions from the transportation sector, ensuring people in every community have cleaner air to breathe, and creating jobs to meet our future workforce needs.”

REV Midwest is touting its decision to focus on accelerating the electrification of medium and heavy duty fleets as a way to reduce pollution, especially in communities along freight and transportation corridors. Residential areas near these corridors are historically disadvantaged communities that are affected by emissions and the negative environmental impacts of harmful emissions.

The partnership says reducing harmful emissions by deploying more electric vehicles makes all communities “more sustainable, healthy and equitable places to live, work and play.”

You can read the REV Midwest Memorandum of Understanding here, which the governors of the five Midwestern states agreed to on September 30.


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