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William A. “Bill” room
September 29, 1942 – April 2, 2021
Washington, DC – The global development community lost a prominent practitioner, advisor and teacher on April 2, 2021. Bill was born in Lake City, South Carolina, on September 29, 1942, to Wylie and Kathleen Feagin Ward. He attended Eau Claire high school in Colombia where he excelled in baseball and football. He attended Clemson University on a football scholarship and was a starting half for Hall of Fame coach Frank Howard, who called Bill “pound for pound, the toughest player I have ever seen. ‘ve never trained. He received the Jacobs Trophy in 1964.
Dr Ward holds a BA and MA from Clemson and a PhD from Michigan State University. He was one of two Americans among the 30 global selections of the World Bank’s Young Professionals Program in 1970 as two competing approaches to cost-benefit analysis emerged. He mastered both approaches and developed training materials illustrating each of them, one of which became the world’s most widely taught economic analysis case study 1975-2000. His 1991 book was the Bank’s best-selling title for the 1990s.
In 1989, Bill was named Centennial Distinguished Alumnus of his beloved Clemson University, where he was professor of economics for 23 years. He embraced Land Grant’s mission to serve the people of SC and ended his classes with “Get out there, do a good job, and remember Clemson!”
He was in high demand as a professor of project economics and microeconomic policy with staff at the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, International Finance Corporation, Food Organization of the United Nations and agriculture, the United Nations Development Program and aid officials around the world. His listening and information processing methods were filmed and taught to other trainers and consultants.
He has worked in more than 80 countries and has been an advisor to foreign governments and development institutions, including the World Bank where he was the project economics expert for the Bank’s Inspection Panel. He was famous for his creativity in finding solutions to problems in which the problem itself had been misidentified.
Bill was the co-author of numerous peer-reviewed articles and books, including the recent LIVING IN THE LIGHT which describes a project that brought affordable solar power to 20 million people off-grid in the world. Bangladesh. The methodologies he developed have become best practices for the economic and financial assessments of off-grid electrification. The book was published by the World Bank six days after his death. He worked to the end to make the world a better place for millions of people all over the world.
Bill was predeceased by his parents, his sister Jacqueline Wyleen Shaylor and his brother Carroll Eugene Ward. He is survived by his brother James Robert (Bob) Ward, his wife Karen (Kaye) Jordan Ward for 55 years and his son William Jordan Ward.
The briefs can be sent to his home church, Fair Lawn United Methodist Church, 9203 Wilson Blvd, Columbia, SC 29203, or to the charity of your choice.

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