XCMG excavator records cumulative production and sales of 200,000 units


Launch of two new excavator products: XE600 and XE690 DK MAX

XOUJOU, China, September 18, 2021 / PRNewswire / – XCMG Excavator Machinery sales department of XCMG has manufactured a total of 200,000 hydraulic excavator units since its inception in 2008, the fastest OEM brand to achieve this level of sales in the manufacturing industry. ‘engineering. The 200,000th excavator to roll off the assembly line was the XE380DK.

The XCMG excavator records a cumulative production and sales of 200,000 units.

Standing on the shoulders of giants, XCMG Excavator has grown into a world famous excavator brand. From July 2021, total exports of XCMG excavators grew 152% year-on-year, the highest in the industry.

“Marking the production and sale of 200,000 units of hydraulic excavators is an important milestone for XCMG and a new starting point,” said Wang min, Chairman and CEO of XCMG. “Business in overseas markets will be an important direction for the future development of XCMG, and we will extend the layout of excavators and other machinery products as well as full-cycle service in Asia Pacific, the countries of the “Belt and Road” initiative, Africa, the Americas and more, providing better customer service. “

XCMG hosted a special event on September 16 celebrating the historic achievement and release of two new 60 ton excavator products – the XE600 and XE690 DK MAX, both are designed for heavy mining working conditions with the following strengths:

  • Equipped with 28 core technologies, equipped to operate in six main working conditions: material crushing, stone loading / unloading, earthwork excavation, blocking / stacking, rock bursting and material handling.

  • Industry-leading performance in terms of reliability, digging / stacking efficiency, economic efficiency, adaptability, operating comfort, crushing capacity and advanced intelligence.

  • Flexible product combinations able to meet any kind of operational requirements, precise match with mining dump trucks from 60 to 80 tons;

  • Guaranteed super stability, the XE690DK MAX in particular has the heaviest machine weight of the products of the same class, suitable for heavy load construction;

  • Excellent working performance, ability to equip as much as possible reinforced buckets of the same class;

  • High torque running traction achieved with large displacement motor and functional high density reduction gearbox;

  • The corresponding highest power of the large displacement engine, with the XE600 reaching the level of hydraulic excavators of 65 tonnage and the XE690DK MAX reaching the tonnage 100 (also the only product equipped with an 8-cylinder engine);

  • State-of-the-art digging force achieved by a high-efficiency hydraulic system, equipped with a high-efficiency, heavy-duty hydraulic pump.

  • Successfully tested in three extreme conditions: high altitude of 4,500 meters, cold test at -40 degrees Celsius and high temperature test at 50 degrees Celsius.

Eight companies signed purchase contracts at the launch event, totaling 100 units of the new 60-ton excavators.

Over the past five years, overseas sales of XCMG excavators have experienced the fastest growth in the industry, and the export volume consistently ranks in the top three.

“Since 2008, XCMG’s mission has been to create ‘advanced and durable’ products that are recognized and respected in the international market, and we strive to reach the top of the excavator industry with our honest, persistent and dedicated teams. innovative, ”added Wang.



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